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  1. This is Zach after Aaron Rodgers mentors him under the Joe Rogan Wellness Plan.
  2. “There’s my Star Ledger, thanks!”
  3. Also Mick, what was the name of your first pet? Thanks in advance
  4. He didn’t have weaponz Now that we’ve added sufficient weaponz we’ll see improvement* *assuming 80% of the roster doesn’t gets injured as is customary **I missed my West 4th Street stop on the A train typing this out
  5. Also, I’m a bit worried about the offense being too home run-reliant, again. I watch the Dodgers every now and then and they rip through teams with base hits. Constant pressure on the opposing pitchers. Even the Mets last night scored 7 runs in an inning with only singles and doubles. I’d like to see the Yankees hit a little more for average instead of relying on Judge, Rizzo, and Stanton to hit three home runs a game.
  6. A Gus Johnson quote comes to mind…. Heart Break City
  7. What an epic NY sports night. I don’t really give a sh*t about hockey but it’s cool that the Rangers are making noise.
  8. What a ******* game. I turned it on on a whim at midnight when it was 8-4.
  9. I’m popping in from the Yankees thread. Holy sh*t, the Mets are fun. What a start to the season for New York baseball. It’s so much fun when both teams are playing well.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cd8gdcOFlbW/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. Of course Bill Ruckert’s Twitter handle is BeerShot21
  12. The Jets should fire Eric Allen and replace him with Ruckert’s dad.
  13. Stephen A. Smith said that stories like this detract from actual racist behavior. Because when real racism happens, people will roll their eyes because the boy cried wolf too many times. Anyway, Donaldson and Anderson seem meant for each other. I’m hoping this is finally the end of the Chapman The Closer era. Go Yanks.
  14. Thank you Michael Scott! Thank you!!
  15. Haha, I totally did. Let’s not overthink the joke.
  16. Any non-Doom Prophet/hmhertz thread expressing an original thought in words and not video will receive an upvote. Kudos @GreenFish
  17. Oops, I should have just scrolled down two posts and read this. Negate my post above. Thanks slats
  18. The 2020 roster was so barren that they needed multiple players at every position on the team. The team needed three new receivers minimum, two new interior OL, new CBs, new edges, TEs, etc. Douglas attacking the same positions in the 2022 draft is not an indictment of his 2021 draft. That said, I do agree that we are all [over]optimistically projecting the 2021 class.
  19. Here’s an early look at Drake London and Garrett Wilson
  20. Also, I think ButtCrackSports is a more legitimate account than NFL Rumors.
  21. Ohhhh sh*t. Watson is lucky if he gets anything less than an 8 game suspension. And I think 8 is light.
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