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  1. If this were to ever happen I would run around, along with everybody else, acting like alot of people acted when we got that phony Brett Favre!!! But this time our behavior would be merited!!!!
  2. My question is this... Does cutting Jones make it possible for us to get an unrestricted free agent?? If not, it doesn't make as much sense to let him go I guess... I don't understand how this plays into the final 8 and final 4 rules in an uncapped year.
  3. Ending??? Ended... From the moment they got beat in the playoffs it ended as far as I'm concerned. This is just the painful, slow decomposition of it that I hope makes Patsy fans puke from the rotting smell.
  4. Yea sure buddy... You keep telling yourself that, if it makes everyday more livable... I do wonder what God you are speaking about though. lol
  5. Oh yea, that's sensible. Considering that everyone in the 9th ward and the poorest areas of NO that were hit the worst have the means to afford both of those insurances... As a responsible adult I'm hoping and praying that mother nature never makes you eat your words. There's much more than material things that can be taken away from you and in such cases your insurance wouldn't mean jack!!! And anyway it's probably not a good idea to ASSume that anyone wants us to feel sorry for them. Some of these folks are very dignified people who just happened to fall on some hard times by the hand of God. Here's hoping that same hand doesn't smack you off that soapbox...
  6. Couldn't agree more G.M. Thank you Vicious! CURTAINS!!!
  7. Quoted for ****ing truth!!! Get a ****ing clue!! I'll admit that sometimes I'm really ashamed to admit that I'm a Jets fan. And it's because of some of this garbage... Thankfully, for the most part, I can separate our team and my love for it from the rest of this idiocy. Good God. Sometimes as a fanbase we're not the sharpest bunch. In the knife drawer we would be a bunch of spoons... smh...
  8. Meh... She's aiight. "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."
  9. IDK. Killing someone by getting in a car when u're ****faced doesn't seem like something that should be forgiven so easily. Maybe he shouldn't be in jail because it was an accident but he shouldn't be able to go back to his regular life as if nothing happened either... I think he needs to be made an example of...
  10. Ah yes... The sweetness of Favre failure never gets old. I hope he keeps coming back and crapping out every year!!! I rather enjoy this because of my dislike for him. Favre!!! Retire till the middle of training camp again and then come back and sucker another team into your idiotic losing ways!!! God I hope this continues...
  11. 50,000 hotdogs for that?!?!?!? I think Rex will be a little lighter come training camp. Sheesh. The man is a hero if you ask me!!! Instant cult status and I'm in!!!
  12. Peyton will go down as the best QB to ever play the game. He already is whether Pats fans like it or not... Don't even sweat that one. And it makes me happy because it cornholes the hell outta them. (this one is a general statement from what I've read in this thread) But I think NO "rises from the floodwaters" and becomes a team of destiny. lol Seriously though, it would be a great story and like Slats I gotta go with the underdog. I don't need another team to validate us. If we're worthy of being looked upon in a favorable way let it be because of what we've done which is win a Superbowl. I know we're a good team and we will be even better next year. And soon enough, we will be celebrating a championship. We might've been this season if it weren't for some late injuries and bad calls... Go Saints!!!
  13. So happy that p.o.s. stadium is being torn to shreds. I hated that place. We were second class tenants in that house of horrors. Like an unwanted guest who had long overstayed their welcome. We're helping to build this new house and that makes it ours just as much! Let them nuke Giants stadium!!!
  14. Brenda, I don't really know you but I'm sorry for your friend Becky's loss (and yours as well for that matter). You are part of the Jetfandom family and when you are affected so are we. My prayers are with both families and all parties involved at this difficult time. Hopefully, our boys will do something to take your mind off things a little tiny bit tomorrow. Hang in there. We need you.
  15. Been waiting for this all season... Can't wait to watch Favre crap the bed in New Orleans.
  16. Nice the peanut gallery at work with the creativity... Some of these are not bad. You guys are hilarious man. Thanks for the laughs.
  17. So, we have ourselves a killer defense folks. It needs a nickname!!! Something cool... Orgreenized Chaos Green Smash Come on, you guys are really creative. Lets throw some ideas around. (I learned after posting this, that this may have taken place before but it seems nothing stuck and also, I got this idea from something New York Mick posted. The original thread title is a little misleading.)
  18. Great idea for a thread New York Mick!!! Finding a nickname for the defense would be cool!!
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