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  1. Im pretty sure the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor LOL....but either way I'll be there
  2. sorry there were so many new threads about people on suicide watch i didnt know where to start
  3. i don't know if this has been brought up or not but can we get the wild card with a ravens loss or is just division?
  4. can we give this clowney kid a shot maybe?
  5. if he's scared about this stuff he should be sh*tting his pants about having to face kris jenkins :rl:
  6. 1. If Jenkins and Jones don't make the PB then it will lose all its credibility in my mind 2. Leon's is a PB kick returner no doubt 3. Wallace Wright deserves to be up there for ST's. one of the best Special temaers ive seen
  7. look at all the rookie RBs already making their mark slaton, johnson, forte, hightower, felix jones, im prob missing some but im too tired to think any harder
  8. idk that was a tough call that couldve gone either way IMO, you cant call the refs out on a call like
  9. HA...tiki has no clue. he missed out on a sb ring to talk out of ass
  10. Im sitting in school right now going crazy. this day is going by so slow...im so pumped
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