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  1. For folks coming from up north... We are still in a tropical weather pattern here in South Florida. This weekend looks to be hot and humid with sporadic showers. Of course the night game will help make it not "brutal" like a 1PM game might be... But still, recommend preparing for very warm weather - and for tailgaiting have a backup plan or make provisions for possible heavy rain showers that can come and go at anytime down here. It could also be fine without a drop - you just never know when we have an unsettled weather pattern on top of us, as we do now. Too bad because
  2. On game day there's usually a big Jets contingent tailgaiting in Camry Lot 13. This is cash lot so non-season tix holders can get in no problem. http://www.sunlifestadium.com/content/parking.aspx If you get there early enought there are even some shady spots right along the fence of the "Turnpike Access" road. There's also a "grassy knoll" here that also gives you some nice space for chairs supplies etc. Of course with this a Sunday night game shade should not be such an issue! Is this where JN folks will be again this year?
  3. I love the crowd and atmosphere. I just wish the projection TV was better quality. Guess in this HD era I am a but spoiled. But I suspect I'll be there anyway. See you Sunday!!!
  4. Thanks SoFlaJets, looking fwd to hearing about other possibilities for Sports Bars in Broward / Palm Beach for watching Jets Game. Boynton Ale House sounds interesting, maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and get the scoop.
  5. Hey there, Charlie in Delray Beach here. I know of two good places to watch Jets games in South Florida Broward / Palm Beach area... (meaning the Jets are always the only or featured game and there is sound)... 1) Hammerjacks in Davie. This of course is the home of Rob N and the South Florida Jets Fan Club. They have an big room (the entire bar) in a bowling alley and it's a lot of fun. Prizes, cheers, giveaways, etc. Only catch here is that the TV's are older projection style and the HD is somewhat lacking. Oh yes and also for me from Delray it is about 1 hour away! 2) Gatsb
  6. Hi, I'll be in the Portland to Boothbay "midcoast" area of Maine Sunday. And so I need a Directv Sports Bar. The Jets site and other "Jets Sports Bar" sites not any help. There was a place called Winners Sports Grill in Brunswick but calls to 2 different phone numbers both say "out of service" Any Mainers around here have any suggestions? Thanks much! - Charlie in Florida (for now).
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