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  1. thanks Max! ur a great admin!

  2. i've heard the new xbox update can ask the xbox to run faster, generate more heat and bring on rrod. I have heard quite a few accounts of rrod occurring soon after installing te update. users beware.
  3. you might want to change that back.
  4. Adelphia used to sponsor the Titans stadium. Worked out great for the Titans because they were paid up years ahead. Tennessee was able to keep their money while they took their sweet time before settling on building supplies manufacturer LP.
  5. It's not cold here by New York/Mid Atlantic State standards. Bring a coat.. but gee whiz.. all week at 7/8 am it's 30 degrees Fahrenheit. That's cold to a Tennessean but to a New Yorker that's bikini weather... By k/o it might be about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And it should be chilly all afternoon...
  6. oh snap! thanks alot! I really didn't expect action to be taken so quick. there is one tiny little favor i'd like to ask. when I enetered my screen name I failed to capitalize the "t" in "the". If you would change that for me I'd really appreciate it. I know it's such a minute detail... but thanks!

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