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  1. What is wrong with you people? I love football too but, really!!!! All of this energy could be put towards a much better cause.

    May the best team win. We, as fans, have no outcome on what happens but you could channel this energy to a good cause and support a charity that your team endorses.

  2. The Colts have never won a playoff game in Foxboro, even with Manning.

    In 3 games against BB's defense, Luck is 0-3 and has tossed 8 picks.

    Yea, I'd give the Colts a solid chance at winning.

    Good luck to you. It will be a good game.

  3. I felt much more confident with the Ravens facing them. But who knows, maybe the Colts will surprise everyone.

    The Colts beat the ravens and I really believe the colts have a chance to win. They are a different team than they were in november.

  4. Foxborough Sunday forecast: rain all day and night. 15-20 mph gusts. Temps mid 40s to low 30s.

    Gillette stadium has field turf so not really a factor and weather conditions dont seem to effect Andrew's game much. It was Peyton that struggled in the elements.

  5. Belicheat has owned Andrew Luck, not sure why that would change this year. I would expect a closer game than usual, but this Indy team just doesn't look ready for games of this magnitude. I'm amazed they even made it this far without a run game.


    I see Indy as a mediocre team being carried by a phenomenal QB.


    BTW, this is probably Brady's last shot at winning a Superbowl. Andrew Luck will have a far better team around him next season and in the foreseeable future. From 2016 onwards, the road to the Superbowl goes through Indy.


    If Jets are serious about winning a Superbowl, they might want to think about preparing for Andrew Luck.

    Exactly, the pats have more pressure on them and the colts have nothing to lose except the game. Andrew has an arsenal to throw to and he can run!

  6. I'm torn.

    I love to see them lose ...I would love love love to see the Hawks mop them up in the SB too

    If the Colts defense plays the way they did against the broncos and stop the run, the colts can win. Andrew is a great QB and he has a lot of weapons.

  7. The Patriots are a bit of an odd duck, though. Belichick is a face, but he has Brady.


    When you think Broncos, it's Manning.

    When you think Packers, it's Rodgers.

    When you think Vikings, it was almost always AP.

    When you think Steelers, it's Big Ben.


    Etc. I would think the Patriots are almost the exception rather than the rul

  8. The problem of playing Tebow is that the their new GM Caldwell, the same one who elected to go to that dump instead of coming in here stated at his first press conference that under any circumstance he will never bring Tebow to the Jags.  The owner who is a big Tebow fan, must be kicking his nuts right now cause their marketing campaign to bring people to their Stadium consists of offering fans two free beer.  Tebow would have filled that stadium every single game by himself.

    Agreed, he would have helped their ticket sales if nothing else.

  9. Kravitz is an idiot and is speaking out of turn just like every other "source". Just like with Favre, you mention their names and you get hits or sell papers. Manning has been quoted as saying that all the speculation and rumors are just that, rumors and nothing more. I posted his quote in another thread and can post the entire interview to put this nonsense to rest.

    He has not made any offers to play for a contract that is incentive laden and if he did he would stay with the Colts. End of story!

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