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  1. Peyton will not be going anywhere, he will spend the remainder of his career in Indy. It was just on the news here in Indianapolis. Irsay plans to offer him a contract as soon as possible.

    This thread is about as silly as the rumor that Favre is coming back too.

    Who ever said he could back up Sanchez is delusional.

  2. I don't think LT or anyone else in this situatiion desrves jail time for this.

    LT hired a pimp who sent thim this woman. One week shy of her 17th birthday, she probably did not appear that young. The law says the adult is responsible for knowing the age-but is that realistic?

    Are we expecting johns to start carding the hookers?

    Yes, they should. If your daughter or sister were in the same boat I bet you would be singing a different tune. Really?? She showed up with a black eye! Start thinking with your big head for a change.

  3. Wow, dont be so hard on him, what is this his 3rd year? I dont recall seeing Holmes do anything great except for one catch when it really didnt matter.

    The entire team was obviously rattled and couldnt handle the pressure.

  4. I hate the steelers and pig pen!! I thought for sure the Jets would bring them down last night....So sad, the Jets didnt even look like the same team that beat the Colts and Patriots. It's Packer time now!!! I hope they make swiss cheese out of the steelers!!

  5. You have to beat Peyton, that's how you beat the Colts. Brady only wishes he is as good as Peyton. Brady is told what to do, Peyton knows what to do and will read any defense given.

    Okay, so this is how we beat the Pats, but how do we beat the Colts?

  6. He didn't say that Sanchez is better than Peyton..he said the JETS as a team are better than #18..because quite frankly he is that Colts team.

    Take Peyton away from the Colts and they are a 3-4 win team.

    Peyton is there and thats all that really matters, he's the best and that's the end of the story.

  7. Not only do I Looooooove your pic, I could not agree with you more.

    I really HATE the SOJFans..Negativity up the a$$, F that..We are a good team, and the playoffs are now a yearly thing..We are BETTER than #18.

    J E T S!!!

    Better than Manning??? Seriously?? I love the Jets too and have the luxury of having the colts to cheer for but there is no way Sanchez is better than Manning! Its just a clear and simple fact. Book it!

  8. Really?

    I think the presumption is that he will progress, in a similar manner to what we saw this year.

    Will he be Peyton manning? No. That is not what the Jets are looking for either. They want someone who is poised, can manage the offense, give them a passing game that others will respect, and will protect the ball.

    Out of all of those, the last 2 will be the big ones. But based on what we have seen, I believe we can project.

    Do you guys remember how bad Manning was when he first started? Sanchez is young and very immature. Ryan is the perfect figure to help calm him down and keep him making too many mistakes. He just needs to play and learn.

  9. Hey INDYGIRL, being local do you know the best lot for visiting fans to tailgate?

    A bunch of us will be at the parking lot at 500 Madison Ave (Indianapolis, IN, 46225). Its three blocks from Lucas Oil and is $25 for parking. The lot opens at 9am and we heard it fills up quick. It'll be BYOB, look for the Jets flag to find us!

    The Hurst bean field is the best place but there will be plenty of partying in all the lots.

    Have fun!!

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