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  1. Two things:

    Firstly, the idea of making a JETNATION Indy bar isn't too bad of an idea. Instead of being drunken idiots seperate, we should be drunken idiots together.


    I have 2 extra spots for a 4:45 reservation at St. Elmo's on Saturday night if anyone wants to jump in. If you want to go to that place there are only times before that (for lunch) or after 10 pm. Sunday there are only times that are during the game or really late as well. I'll be with my buddy another Jet fan, and it would be a good place to eat something quality before I waste my life away bar hopping. If you want to jump in PM me, and we could figure it out.

    Also indyjetsgirl, when do the bars close? Is it 2am, 4am?

    Last call is typically around 2am or so and they will boot you out around three. They may be a bit more lax this weekend though.

    On sunday its midnight for last call and out by one.

  2. indygirl what would you say would be the best BAR to convert over to a JET BAR where we get the whole JET NATION to go to this bar SAT night?..DO I HAVE ANY TAKERS?.....LETS GO GREEN!!!

    Sub Terra, Olives, or one of the bars that are in the hotels downtown.

  3. I heard St. Elmos downtown has UNREAL steak. Upscale, kind of pricey but well worth it based on what I heard. It's a well known place even outside of Indy.

    Supposedly on a Sat night before gameday you will catch some players, coaches, ect in there.

    Yes, its very good, you have to try their shrimp ****tail, the ****tail sauce they serve is awesome.

    There is also a Mortons steakhouse downtown and a Ruth's Chris.

  4. I am into casual places with live music.. I think most of us morons will be wearing Jets gear so will not last too long in the nicer places :cheers:

    Oh, you will be fine regardless of where you go...remember this is the land of hoosier hospitality.

    There was a jets fan that went downtown this week in his jets jersey trying to provoke the colts fans and couldnt get a rise out of anyone.

  5. what else is there to see besides the bars? you are a jets fan arent you?

    Yes, I am a Jets fan, but of course, I am a Colts fan too, so regardless of the outcome on sunday I will be happy.

    There isnt a lot to do in Indy during the winter months but the 500 speedway museum is something to see.

    Also, dont forget that you cant buy alcohol here on sunday so stock up on saturday.

  6. hey indygirl...i was just kidding about the Jets bar. any recommendations on sites or things to do in the city during the day tomorow? we will be in indy by 8am if are travel goes smoothly thru the night and wouldn't mind seeing something in the city besides the bars. thanks and GO JETS!

    If you are a race fan, I would go to the Indy 500 museum. I think its going to be nice here on saturday so they may be offering a lap around the track, its in a van but its still something to see.

    There are several other museums, if you are into that, with a couple of them being downtown.

    There should be a street party downtown on saturday on jackson street. I will keep you all posted on what I hear is going on.

    BTW, there is a bar in Fishers, called the Blue Crew complete with a big blue colts bus in the parking lot.

  7. Under 30 means young girls. I know where I will be Saturday night. Party doesnt start till 10PM anyways!

    Lots of young drunk girls for sure...the crowd is mostly under the age of 25. If you do go, all the clubs will be charging a cover so that kinda takes away from the bar hopping. Try Landsharks if you make it there.

  8. any recommendations for downtown Indygirl?

    Depends, do you want live music, dancing, pool? The slippery noodle is good for food and music if you like blues. Jillians is huge with lots to do and decent food too. Ike and Jonsys is fun if you like to dance. Nicky Blaines if you like Martinis and a good cigar.

    Champions sports bar, lots of TV.s etc...

    One of my favorite places, especially in the summer is the rathskeller, they will have live music for sure. Good german food and beer.

    The great thing about downtown is that its very compact and everything is easy to walk to and get around.

  9. If you all want a place to meet up, PM GOB. We met him at a neat place downtown a few years ago. Nice big restaurant upstairs, nice bar/pool etc in basement.

    I don't remember the name of the place but he might.

    There are a couple of places like that in Indy. I have lived here all my life so feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need any help.

  10. Downtown indy is much more fun and much nicer than broad ripple. Almost everything is new and the atmosphere will be much better too.

    I would worry about the stupid drunk kids at broad ripple getting ****y with a jets fan, could be trouble and the cops wont put up with much this weekend.

  11. go as a group? and this is a place we want to go? lol

    Broad Ripple is safe but like I said in the tailgate thread, its a younger crowd, the bars are mostly small and very crowded. Unless, you are single and under 30 I would suggest going downtown.

  12. we were planning on bringing a smaller version of our ususal setup. grill,cooler,tables,chairs. does anyone know if there are lots?, we've only been to newengland and buffalo before, where they have a standard tailgateing scene. also if there is any other info on that $25 tailgate party that sounds awesome, we'll bring our own booze.


    ps. where the local indianapolis JETS bar?

    Do you really think there is a Jets bar in Indy?? Let me assure you there isnt one but you will find Jets fans everywhere this week.

    As far as going to Broad Ripple, I disagree, downtown will be the place to be this weekend. Besides, BR is a younger crowd so unless you are under 30, you more likely wont like it. The bars are all very small and nothing gets going there until at least 10pm.

  13. Hey welcome back Brett Favre girl. :-P

    I posted a few times this season, just dont have as much time on my hands as I did last season.

    Did you read the story about the Jets fan that lives here, he went downtown in his Jets jersey trying to rattle some colts fans and he couldnt. He said that hoosiers are just to nice. I will try to find it and post it. It was funny.

  14. I hope you all have your rooms booked, just heard on the news that the hotels downtown are almost all booked.

    I am sure there will be some available outside of downtown though. If anyone needs any advice on where to stay or fun places to go feel free to contact me.

  15. And you wonder why you catch so much **** on this site this is not useless information to a Jet fan who will play the colts and were probably going to see sorgi play the whole second half but with this very important injury update now we will have to face Peyton the whole game which will make our task that much harder but I still believe we have the tools to beat them.

    The Jets, as much as I love them dont have a chance in hell at beating the colts, especially if Manning and staff play. The Colts are better all around, from defense, offense, coaching and work ethic. And, they are doing this with a long list of starters, including Bob Sanders, out for the season.

    I hope the starters play at least a half of each game, every year when they sit them, they get beat in the first round.

    Go Colts and there is still next year for the Jets to get a superbowl!!

  16. Let's not forget about the Colts just a few weeks ago against Miami. They allowed Miami to have the ball for 45 freaking minutes, and benefited from a few major offensive plays to win that game. I don't see anyone questioning whether the Colts are a good team. Our defense played better than that Colts D, we just gave up one TD too many. If we sure up some of those missed tackles and have better containment next time we will def. hold them down and win that game. It's one game, one bad game by the D. Let's see how this unfolds over the next few weeks, which should be much better performances by the unit. If they struggle then maybe we worry, but I don't expect that at all.

    Yeah, those major offensive plays are called Peyton Manning and he is on fire this season. Sanchez will get better, he just needs to practice and not let the last couple of games get to him and his confidence.

  17. Here are some interesting Favre stats from the 1st four games of 2008 & 2009.

    2008: 87 of 124, 935 yards, 12TD, 4INT - Jets 2-2

    2009: 85 of 125, 837 yards, 8TD, 1INT - Vikings 4-0

    Attempts and completions are pretty much identical. If you take away the Arizona game where he threw for 6TDs and 1 INT he is exactly the same as 2008.

    Can the old man keep up for another 12 games? I doubt it.

    Can the o;line protect him? Clearly they didnt on the jets, he took more hits in one year with the Jets than he did for over 6 years with the Pack.

  18. I would like to see Mark Sanchez finish the season before I start comparing his season to other QB's rookie seasons.

    That said, Sanchez is probably one of the most polished rookie QB's I have ever seen, let hope he keeps it up and improves.

    I agree, its way to early to compare him to other QB's but so far he is looking fine, fine, fine!

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