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  1. I will second that. I've eaten plenty of crow. Actually I posted this for no reason other than it's a boring time, and I'm trying to get people to lighten up. We're all Jet fans!

    You nailed it, DM. Sure, we like Ratliff, but that doesn't mean I'm rooting against Clemens.

    We ALL have our ideas and we all have our egos, but in the end if you are wearing the jets uniform(or the NY Titans) go kick some a$$!!!!

    Clemens = Peyton Manning= Happy Lance!

    (But I think it'll be the Rodent)lol

    That is the silliest thing you have ever posted. He is never going to be even close to either of the Mannings.

  2. GM technically doesn't "own" Hummer, AM General does. GM builds the H3, which is really just a Silverado, I think, and distributes the other models for AMG.

    Saturn sucks balls.

    Saab's passing is kind of sad, but I heard that the Swedes weren't even too keen on trying to save their native brand.

    i thought it was volvo's that were made in sweden

  3. Who cares about the lyrics? If it sounds good, it's good. He doesn't have to give me the meaning of life, just make it sound pleasing. That's what the Chili Peppers do.

    If I demanded powerful lyrics or, at least lyrics with meaning, I'd go read a poem or something.

    Actually, if you do some research on the band members you will find out that there is more meaning to some of the silly lyrics than you think.

  4. I hate how peopole bash Harrison, check his resume fellas.

    Sure he got in trouble that one time and I don't even know what happened but that's the only bad thing I ever heard about him. He's a 1st bollot HOFer for sure.

    We love him here at home and even at his age he is still as good if not better than a lot of others in his position.

  5. On the news here in Indy, Caldwell said the Colts were going to do whatever it takes to keep him but maybe Harrison wanted too much or wants to shop around for a better deal.

    I would like to see him come back one more season and add to his and Peyton's record, not that anyone will come close to breaking it but it would still be nice to see.

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