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  1. Great post.

    To be honest, I wasn't sure if life was actually good or not when I started this thread. But now you have convinced me.


    Well, you had me convinced that life was good, but now I think it sucks! Thanks, Max!

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  2. Great post. There is a definate out of balance problem in this country with peoples perceptions. I've seen people get probation for sex crimes. Unreal.

    You can blame that on attorneys who find loopholes in the laws, over crowding of jails, people knowing their rights and using them against the system. A system that is strained, over worked and under paid, starting at the core, law enforcement.

    Dont blame the attention the vick case got on people not caring about each other, its just not true.

  3. The peta members who eat grain that is harvested from fields that kill millions of animals a year. Who wear clothes made by slave child labor. Who drive cars that consume and pollute tons of natural resources. Who live in cities that have displaced ten of millions of animal's natural habitat's. Who smoke pot that funds terrorists activities does not surprise me in the least bit.

    Oh now, is there anything that you like? Seriously, one has to pick their battles. We all are guilty of harming ourselves, the environment, and animals in some way.

  4. Say whatever you want. You have your opinion and I have mine. I'm talking about the reaction from John/Jane Q. Public on matters. The Public's wouldn't respond with massive boycotts, protests & calls for blood outside the courthouse if it had been humans he tortured. You'd have people telling the press, "well we need to wait until all the facts are in" and "he's innocent until proven guilty". All in all, most Americans could give a crap less when it comes to crimes against humans, but when it comes to animals, all of a sudden it's time for action. Give me a break.

    I still think you are missing the point. People have rights, even when being prosecuted and/or incarcerated. The worst thing we can do to people is the death penalty, which is typically given for crimes similiar in nature to what Vick did.

    The overwhelming attention given to this case is because it was Vick, this crap goes on all of the time, we just dont hear about it.

    Animals have no voice, no choice, and no rights. But, they do feel pain and suffering just like humans.

  5. Michael Vick would have done less time in jail, with 90% less public reaction, if he had sexually assaulted a woman. Sad fact, but something I think is 100% true. The standards in this country continue to deteriorate when there is more of a public backlash over treatment of animals than there is over treatment of fellow humans.

    That said, F Michael Vick and I'm glad he did time. I have no problem with that. My whole problem is the dichotomy of public outrage between animal victims and human victims.

    I think the fact you fail to recognize is that these animals were tortured and killed. When there are cases of people being treated the same way, the outcry is just as loud, if not louder, as the victim, if alive, has a voice. Animals dont.

  6. Ok, lets forget about the whole dog fighting incident or the fact that he's been in jail for awhile. Michael Vick was never a good NFL Quarterback. He's lived off this Lambeau field victory for way too long. The guy has a career completion average of 53.8. His best TD:Int ratio was 2:1 and that was once many years ago and he has never done it since.

    Michael Vick has the intelligence of a pea, in today's NFL that will not cut the mustard for a Super Bowl QB. I can't believe this is even an option in some people's mind. I wouldn't have wanted Michael Vick before his incarceration. Pocket passers and players who know how to distribute the ball properly win championships, not RB's in QB's clothing.

    He sucked as a QB and even more as a human. He will not even get reinstated to the NFL so I dont see why all this talk is even necessary.

  7. He's saying the right things. He'd actually be better off if he'd gotten on the field last year. The Jets would be better off, too.

    The guy grew up idolizing Brett, he isnt just just saying the right things. I also heard Kellers interview and you could tell that he was genuinely upset about the retirement news.

  8. I agree with this, but what if it's the only woman he has. Long term relationships go through phazes. We need details.

    if the relationship is strained and long term, I would think he would know whats best to do or not do.

    When in doubt, take her to dinner, buy a card and some flowers and hope for the best.

    I think Vday is a silly day though and far too many women make way too big a deal out of it. I would rather be thought of just because than hallmark telling you that you have to.

  9. The Jets wanted Kellen to win the starting job before the trade went down. I think he would've, or Pennington would've been on a very short leash. Either way, we'd have a much better idea of what we have in Clemens right now - maybe even a guy who built his confidence up in '08 and is raring to go in '09. Or a guy who just doesn't have it. Either way, they'd know if they needed to spend at the position, draft a QB high this year, etc.

    But as a result of the trade, the Jets are starting from scratch at the position. Having to divide precious reps evenly between two or three players, all while trying to decide if any of them are good enough to start.

    We'd also be in position to trade Pennington for something, and get him out of the division - instead of handing the fish the NFL's comback player of the year for nothing.

    Those are setbacks.

    Still dont see the setback. Clemens feels that he is far better for the time he spent with Brett and if he is going to be good he will be good next year too.

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