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  1. A lot of variables. What happens if you buy her a size too big? What happens if she gets pissed because you broker her roses or asks "who's going to clean this mess"? Risky

    i assume that he knows her well enough to pick the right size. You can buy bags of rose petals almost anywhere that sells flowers.

    And, any woman who is worried about cleaning up the mess isnt worth the trouble, IMO.

  2. Danny G is a problem.

    They have had a lot of problems and issues ever since Reggie left the team. Not saying thats what started it though. Its funny, Indiana used to be a BB state; hoosier hysteria and all that. Now, no one pays that much attention to BB, its all about the Colts.

  3. what happens if Favre retires (crying all over the tube)...again and the Jets take the 13 million and go on a spending spree with the Favre $$$ and then the Prima Donna decides he wants to play...again???? Would the Jets be forced to pay him and have to have him as our QB or will we have to cut his ass and get nothing for him...again (think Pennington)...anyone ????

    I dont think that is going to happen. if he does retire he will stick to it this time and that is why I dont think he will retire. If he does play again I hope its with the Jets.

  4. Yes, clearly that's the reason. The illegal drug use has nothing to do with it at all.

    He broke the law, he should apologize. End of story. It doesn't matter what age he is, how famous he is or how normal it is.

    I see your point but he could also blame his fame and fortune for acting recklessly.

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