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  1. Which commentator is going to suck Brady's dick at half time first?!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/patmcafee1nc/videos/913174575487282/
  3. I want to play if its actually going to work.
  4. I really thought this was going to be a closer game. ESPN said the Colts had a 39 percent chance of winning this game.
  5. I saw that guy sleeping too. So funny.
  6. I feel like the Jets are trying to let the Colts win. TY was wide open
  7. Oh come on, the Colts have something to play for here and the Jets need the best draft spot they can get.
  8. Go Colts! The jets need to lose this game.
  9. The Jets have nothing to play for now and revis is done. Go Colts!!
  10. Who cares about the media? It's been almost 50 years now so yeah, I think the fans will be patient.
  11. I am too. It appears that the Packers are going to win today so the Colts will have a lot to play for tomorrow night.
  12. Luck is playing and gets sacked or hit hard in every game because the O line sucks. However, the jets pass D sucks and the colts have no running game so I dont see Andrew hanging onto the ball too long or trying to run much. The Jets have nothing to play for except draft spots. Go Packers!!!!
  13. Romo would be a huge mistake. He will only start and get injured again. Cutler?? He sucks and is done too. Revis is done too. the Jets need to rebuild from top to bottom.
  14. Maybe we should unlock it for today? The site is so new that I doubt there will be any ringers there but what do I know?
  15. Andrew is not going anywhere. Irsay will make sure he gets his moneys worth out of him.
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