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  1. My gut feeling tells me he comes back and will announce before the 2009 season that it will be his last. A motivated and healthy Favre isn't a bad option going into 2009.

    I think its the best choice they have right now. With the right coaching staff, this current team could go very far. I think he will be back next year.

  2. Apparently weeks ago. And he's only now gotten an MRI. My guess is he was scared it would reveal something that would force Mangini to bench him.

    I read an article today that said he didnt get an MRI on monday but rather a few weeks ago?? I can try to find the link if you are interested.

  3. LMAO @ this pathetic homer. Apparently Manning sucks because of his schedule but zero mention of Cassell's inalienably to beat ANY good teams this season. You once again prove to be a joke.

    I think he's pissed because he lost at fantasy football.

  4. That is an excellent call. He was very good with Cowher the last time around.

    How do you think Cowher would handle Favre?

    I think Cowher would be great with Favre and the rest of the team as would Holmgren. Given the talent on the team, all they need is a good coaching staff. There is no reason why the season fell apart other than mis-management by the coaching staff. I am anxious to see who it is!!!

  5. No way. The Titans may have beaten us last week but they are a conservative team and Collin's odds of playing great against my D twice in a row would favor us IMO. Not to mention the revenge factor. Screw that home field advantage too, that's been a jinx for us for a long time.

    Given the choice of playing against a smashmoth offense or a scoring offense i'd take my chances against the thumbtacks every time.

    40 year jinx is over for the Colts, finally beat your guys at home...;)

  6. Everybody's just so disgusted by the Jets' non-performance in Seattle that they are going through various stages of rejection. Don't worry, they'll all work themselves back to cheering for a victory on Sunday, right on schedule.

    I hope you continue to post, we can use your upbeat Midwestern rah-rah around here. We Easterners tend to be a sardonic lot. :)

    Thank you!!! I know and i am sorry if i came off the wrong way. I know the Jets are going to win this sunday and either the ravens or pats are going to lose and the jets will make it to the playoffs.

    40 is our lucky number!!!

    Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

  7. 295 yards 1 TD 1 INT and nearly a 70% completion rate is not ugly imo. It's not Peyton-esque or anything, but it's not Favre either. I figure in the playoffs he throws an additional TD, and those are pretty damn good numbers if that's what happens.

    Pennington will do fine against an elite defense. Nobody besides Peyton Manning plays well against elite defenses, and even he can't do it consistently. They are elite for a reason.

    The Colts are a scary team, but I do see the Pats winning in the first round as well. That sets up Pats at Steelers and Colts at Titans I believe. We get to see a preview of the latter this week, although both teams might be resting several starters, it's still basically this years Giants-Pats. I think it'll be Colts-Pats in the AFC Championship (and the Pats would actually be hosting that!) where it is anybody's game, but I think Peyton pulls it off. Setting up a Manning vs. Manning showdown in the Super Bowl (maybe, I'm more confident in Peyton making it actually, but I do think the Giants are likely to get there for the NFC too).

    If Miami gets in though, everything changes.

    Dream on, the fins arent getting in because the jets are going to win!

  8. Screw the patriots, I am betting on the upset and/or the jags kicking ass over the ravens. Jets win, which I truly believe will happen. And, those damn chargers knocked off the colts last year which I still cant believe happened!!

    But, the Colts finally beat the Steelers at home after 40 years. Its also been 40 years since the jets won a superbowl.

    40 might be the lucky number here?!?

  9. Once again, get over yourself!!!!!

    How many rain/snow games have you sat through?

    How many THOUSANDS have you spent on tickets?

    How many... well... thousands have you spent on Jerseys and such?

    How many years have you wanted them to win it all and had your heart broken?

    Once again, get over yourself... your not better than anyone here... everyone wants the same thing...

    I dont think I am better than anyone here or elsewhere. Sorry, that I offended you, that was not my intention. I just dont understand the negativity but I do understand the disappointment.

    Merry Christmas

  10. It's nice to have the colts in your back pocket....

    the jets cannot reach ultimate goal with EM leading the way...

    you have cowher sitting there avail for $10M, if jets win 10 games

    pizza face may survive...a kiss of death for all of us

    this team has quit on fans, losing to 69ers, seaphags, raidahs, broncos and

    receiving gift from jills. EM needs to go...........now!!!!!!!!!!

    i refuse to break another remote and get in another fight with wife over the phucking jests, i am spent this year.

    PS read Klecko's comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope he will be okay. As far as the Colts are concerned, I would rather see the Jets win than them. I was a Jets fan before they came to Indy.

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