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  1. I think you are a bunch of whining, one of be fans, get a fuc#ing grip, either get on the bus or get off. I hate day the day I joined this site. I thought when I came here i would find some real fans, but not so! You guys arent fans unless they win, you are the losers here, not the jets!!

  2. The fans will get ugly on Sunday if the Jets fall behind early.

    I hate to hear a fan say they will boo their own team. If you recall, for the longest time, the Colts used to suck bad. They let us down all the time too but never once did I attend a game and hear the fans boo the team. Maybe its hoosier hospitality, I dont know but please dont boo the team. Fan support means a lot to a team.

    I still have hope for the Jets, you just never know what can happen.

  3. You will be in my thoughts today as well. It sounds like you and your Dad had a wonderful relationship and nothing can ever replace that or the memories you will always have.

    Enjoy the game with him and know that regardless of the outcome, you are a true winner in your Dad eyes.

  4. I think you guys will handle your business and win the next 2. The Seahawks and Dolphins both have trouble scoring, and you guys at the least can put 20 some on the board. No sweat man, you got it imo.

    Thanks for the refreshing vote of confidence for the Jets!!

  5. Detriment in that Brett is not the long term solution for the Jets at the QB position, and if Brett is holding that spot, and the Jets do not win, it is a detriment that we found out nothing about Clemens or Ratliffe.

    That would be a problem.

    Unless the Jets go after a young FA qb this off-season (I don't even know who is out there, and I doubt any worth while ones will be available). Or draft again.

    I will give you that one but I also think that the backups can learn a lot from Brett this season. Also, the Jets knew when they took him he wasnt in it for the long term, they knew what they were getting themselves into but did it anyway.

  6. That is all that will matter.

    The decision to bring Brett Favre to teh Jets hinged on one thing:

    Brett takes the Jets to a Conference Championship game-Great move

    Brett does not take them to a Conference Championship game-Bad move with detriment to the club for the future.

    It really is that easy, and I have lowered the need to even go to a SB.

    Detriment, I dont see how but whatever.

    At least we agree on one thing, we both want the Jets to win!!:D

  7. Unfortunately, that relaxed atmosphere has spread to the defense where their relaxation is leading to arm tackles and missed tackles.

    Brett's relaxed atmosphere is also a little disconcerting in that he thinks it is ok to throw into double coverage and hope.

    if teh culture that Brett has brought is that, I am not a big proponent.

    I guess we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

  8. Wait one second-He has changed the cultur of this team- Where has that happened, and how can anyone even prove that?

    The Jets before Brett- Win some games they shouldn't, lose some games they shouldn't

    The Jets after Brett- Ditto

    The thing that has changed is that the Jets brought better players in around the team, and they SHOULD be doing better.

    Brett has had some stretches in games where he has looked absolutely rookie like.

    His team mates think so:

    Teammate Jerricho Cotchery says,

  9. That's why I love him. He is so refreshingly honest. It is very rare nowadays. Regardless of how this season ends and whether he comes back next year or not, having Brett Favre finish his career as a Jet will always be one of the highlights of my Jet fanship.

    Mine too, he has changed the culture of the team. He is the most fun QB to watch play. It will be a sad sunday when there is no more Brett.

    I dont believe we have seen the best of him yet.

  10. Pain Pill, Beer, Pain Pill, TV interview, teach Deanna football

    What the f**k ever, he voluntarily admitted to the media about his addiction, which he didnt have to do. He could have entered into rehab during the off season and no one would have known.

    He also said this, when the doubters started spreading rumors:

    Brett released this statement.

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  11. Cute, bit it looks a little like a Tasmanian Devil. :) What kind is it?

    He is a Dutch Shepard, which most people have never seen before. They are primarily used in law enforcement and I got him from a friend that belongs on our local department. I get asked about him all the time. Some people tell me he looks like a wolf. He is beautiful and extremely intelligent. His Mom is a manhunter and bomb sniffer.

    And, he is a little devil!!

  12. I'm telling you half the people on this board could do these nfl analysts jobs. Mangini needs to go regardless of whether or not we make the playoffs. If we do make it, it will be inspite of not because Mangini is such a great coach. I would love to see what Cower could do with our defense. I also think that if we miss the playoffs and keep mangini, Favre will leave. If we miss and ditch Mangini and pick up a Cower like coaching change Favre will stay.

    He isnt a good coach at all and I too, would love to see someone else take over. Anyone!!! When they show mangini during the game I have to look away, otherwise the urge to throw something at the screen is overwhelming.

    I think Favre and Leon will stay if mangini is gone, regardless of the outcome this year also.

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  13. Speaking of what dogs will eat...

    Anyone else have a dog that will eat vegetables? Mine will eat lettuce, grean beans (even frozen ones) onions, pretty much anything I throw her she will eat. I've never had any other dog that will do that.

    My dog loves veggies too but the vet said no onions, grapes, raisins, or chocolate.

    post-4299-12804639967616_thumb.jpg My cool dog.

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