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  1. unless we franchise him i doubt he'd even sign. why would he when he could go to a team with coached who will know how to use him.....he is a wasted talent in the hands of mangini the fat and stupid.

    I sure hope the jets dont let him get away, he is awesome.

  2. The Jets are going to win this game; defense stepping up or not. I see the offense running away with this game. Jones and Washington are going to kick ass as usual, then add in Clowney coming back and Favre's confidence, this is a sure thing!

    I have already marked a "W" on my schedule that I keep on my fridge, along with one for the colts!

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  3. don't worry though the Lions win against GB to end the season. Rodgers sits to prevent further damage to shoulder. Flynn and Brohm both struggle and Lions win 13-6.

    I was thinking the same thing, the lions will win against the pack. I dont think there is anything wrong with Rodgers shoulder, he is fine and just using that as an excuse. To be honest, I am surprised he has made it this long without an injury that put him on the bench.

  4. My original prediction was a close loss...However i had a very wierd dream last nite.. was whisked away this sunday for an all paid golf vacation to

    Missisippi of all places, so i was looking for score of game the next day and the paper said 10-10 in progress, was frustrated and found another paper

    that said Jets win 13-10. It also said lions beat Indy!!!

    In any event it will probably be ugly either way

    Only one part of your dream will come true; the jets are going to win! And, there is no way the lions are going to beat the colts.

  5. Well I don't see a point in going to an opposing fan board and insulting one of their favorite players ?? Call it what you will, but i don't see any productive football discussion coming from that. It's pointless really. It's an entire different thing to be joking IMO. Maybe i am a suckup but that's just the way i see things. Can't please everybody. :bash:

    I agree and for an opposing fan you are very nice. Its hard to believe that you are a Steelers fan.

  6. Yeah, it crossed my mind but as I mentioned before..."That is not the Favre deep ball that he threw last year in OT against Denver". Nor is it even the deep ball he threw against Miami or Arizona THIS YEAR. He might have gotten old but I don't think so. If you're right, it happened virtually overnight. :rolleyes:

    What happened is; the oppossing team knows brett can throw and they are covering our wide recievers, they arent fast enough. The offense cant cover and no one gets open for the long pass. Maybe he is injured, but he is the best thing that has happened to this team in a long time.

  7. It's really not that shocking anymore; he loves voicing his opinion and will never just shut up. I bet my life that if he were a girl, he would get knocked up just for the attention.

    So true, just so happens that he can throw a football.

  8. And you have been on JN for a month? Obviously you have nothing better to do.

    I'm Gainzo. Nice to meet you.

    Thanks, its nice to meet you too! I have plenty to do but I love the Jets, what can I say?!?

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