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  1. That was 3 years ago.

    I've been beaten over the head with Favre playing touch football while wearing a green/yellow #4 jersey as he pimps Wrangler jeans.

    It was also nice that everyone else in that commercial wore jeans to play touch football.

    Do You know anyone who wears Wranglers?

    Honestly, I dont, but beside that,...what is your point? I have seen a lot worse commercials and a lot more being done by athletes other than Favre.

  2. I was not a fan of Brett Favre until last year. I thought he was finished a few years earlier, but last year he played better, IMO, than he did during his MVP run. And now, he is a member of our beloved New York Jets. It has become clear to me that Brett has an injured right shoulder. We all remember how banged up he got early in the season because the pass protection, and empty backfield formations, got him killed back there. Brett can still throw bullets on the short patterns as evident by the TD pass to Coles vs. Tennessee. However, when he throws the deep ball... it brings down the rain. A Jets fan at Candlestick on Sunday mentioned the unusually large arch on his deep throws. That is not the Favre deep ball that he threw last year in OT against Denver. Of course, Favre being the warrior that he is, seemingly won't admit it as an excuse. That said, I feel honored to watch Brett Favre in a Jets uniform and would love nothing more than to see some of his magic down the stretch.

    I can not think of anyone who could do a better job as QB than what favre is doing for the Jets right now. Not Peyton, Brady, Eli, or anyone else for that matter. Peyton would never survive as a QB for the Jets as they are right now but Farve would kick ass on the current colts team.

    If there is any factor that is affected by his age, it may be his patience level. But, he does believe he can get them to the playoffs and thats good enough for me.

    I am ready for some magic too!

  3. Well, it's not really a food, but my argument for ladies ingesting it has always been it's high protein content.

    I read it has as much as two large pork chops...

    Seriously though, salmon is a great source for protien and omega fatty acids. Any soy product is also good.

  4. You just never know. Nobody picked the Giants last year, not a lot of people were going with the Colts in '06 and no one picked the Steelers in '05. Getting in is the first step and from that point it's all about who is the hottest.

    It's not likely, but who knows, the Jets could go all the way.

    You just never know what can happen....I believe!!

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