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  1. Well you guys got revenge for the '06 playoff loss. Now it'll be our turn for revenge on this year's loss. ;)

    Bronzey: We don't need great offense, we just need adequate offense to support GREAT defense and we'll beat the Giants. :D

    Keep dreaming, sweetie! ;)

  2. I don't really care about the rankings. Yes they beat us and deserve to be placed up there. But i don't think they are this juggernaut that most folks seem to think they are. They are very beatable and i believe my team could beat them.

    FWIW, there are also 2 teams that i do not want my team facing at the moment. The Panthers and Colts. Now those 2 put a bit of fear in me. But i'd still welcome the challenge.

    The last colts/steelers game was pretty freaking awesome!!! Dont you agree?:rolleyes:

  3. ...um.....okay......

    So, you're an Indy/Jets fan. Are you Blackout's sister? ;)

    I have several teams that I root for, some with more vigor than others. Being a hoosier, its hard not to be a fan plus they are really freaking good. Not a big fan of Manning though, but he is better than most QB's.

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday. Please give our best to Payton and the fellas. :)

    The Colts arent playing this weekend, not really anyway, since they have the Lions at home.

    Too bad the Jets couldnt get Bob Sanders, is he the best or what?? At least, when he is healthy that is.

  5. That would require him to know all of them ;)

    If you are a Jets fan, why does your avatar have you wearing a colts shirt?

    because I dont have one to post in my Jets gear but i will get one soon. I am also a Colts fan as well as a Jets fan but if I had to pick a team it would be the Jets.

    I am the only person in Indy that I know that wears a Jets jersey on sunday, except for my daughter, who I totally brainwashed.

  6. i know, i wanted to make sure you were aware before it became a problem. It is really easy, just make a post and click the paperclip icon above the textbox to attach the file.;)

    I just added one to my profile and as an avatar but I am wearing a colts shirt..ha

    I have no friends left in Indy...):

  7. I am referring to the other maroons, LOL.

    Btw Indyjets, have you complied with the jn bylaws specific to new female posters having to post a picot themself by their 20th post or face a posting suspension until saids pics are made available.

    I was not aware of that by-law but I will look into it. I am having way too much fun here to get banned now.

  8. Hah!

    I told you if you deleted my thread the season was over...

    Thanks alot Max!

    Time out.... not even Max can end the season. Its not over, no way!

    There is still some magic yet to come. After all, it is December!

    I believe!:cheers:

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