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  1. I don't care how we do it, I just want to make it and have a home game and take it from there. I also want no part of Indianapolis.

    I think the Jets will make the playoffs. There is a lot of talent on this team, we have all seen it. But for some reason, in the last two weeks, something has gone a miss.

    I think coaching is a lot of it but I also think there may be some personality issues between the players and the coaching staff.

    Yeah, the Colts are looking better and better. Being from Indy, I am also a Colts fan but their victory didnt even come close to mending the sting of the Jets loss.

    I still believe the Jets will get it together.

  2. this is the sandbox Indygirl-watch what happens when the 49ers score-there will be Jets fans on ledges all around the world...there will also be a lot of accusations as to a posters' sexual orientation....all kinds of cool stuff

    welcome to the jungle

    If they score, the Jets will answer. No need to think about suicide, this is a special team, they will come together.

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  3. I wish I did, still water logged and cold thinking about it. I hope last week was a aberration

    Every team has a bad day, there is no way that the Jets are going to lose today.

    It will be a big win and they will play like they did against the Titans. :box:

    I cant wait!!!

  4. Whoa. You're a girl?


    I am a girl, and thanks to my brother, I LOVE FOOTBALL!! :) I wish the game was on here today, guess I will be headed out to a sports bar after the Colts beat the Bengals to watch the Jets tear up the 49er's.

    Go Jets!!!

  5. I hate living here, the Jets game isnt on today. I will be forced to go to a sports bar and watch it but its fun even if I go alone. I always end up with a bunch of guys asking me whats up with the Jets jersey and why no Colts gear. By half time, I have most of them rooting for the Jets with me...:cheers:

  6. I hated reading this article as I thought Coles was over losing his buddy. He is just mad because he cant get open anymore otherwise Brett would get him the ball. If he continues to act this way his play will only worsen and Keller will just get better.

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