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  1. Its good to be here, thanks for the welcome! Kim
  2. I am a girl, and thanks to my brother, I LOVE FOOTBALL!! I wish the game was on here today, guess I will be headed out to a sports bar after the Colts beat the Bengals to watch the Jets tear up the 49er's. Go Jets!!!
  3. I hate living here, the Jets game isnt on today. I will be forced to go to a sports bar and watch it but its fun even if I go alone. I always end up with a bunch of guys asking me whats up with the Jets jersey and why no Colts gear. By half time, I have most of them rooting for the Jets with me...
  4. I hated reading this article as I thought Coles was over losing his buddy. He is just mad because he cant get open anymore otherwise Brett would get him the ball. If he continues to act this way his play will only worsen and Keller will just get better.
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