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  1. No we aren't, you are only saying that because of deflategate which happened. I'm sorry you have to deal with the fact that your team cheats.
  2. You lost! The defense beat you. That is all.
  3. Pats fans are some of the worst sore losers ever! I have seen some horrible tweets and comments from them. Purely disgusting people.
  4. I was shocked when I heard the news too. Insane!
  5. I love how when Brady gets sacked or knocked down the entire team rushes to the pretty boys aid like a mother would to her little boy.
  6. From the mouth of a Pats fan. Incredible. They have cheated on more than one occasion and everyone except Pats fans know it.
  7. This is a team sport. Superbowl wins have nothing to do with how great any single player is. The Colts defense won the game in 07, not just Manning. Brady has had the benefit of a great surrounding cast and a coach that knows how to" take advantage" of every rule...i.e. cheat. Brady is not the best QB ever.
  8. Brady would be on the side line crying like a little girl if he played in that era.
  9. I am from Indy so if you need any help or advice, let me know.
  10. the trade the colts made for trent richardson was a complete let down
  11. I read that the appeal is already in place
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