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    a lil deflation might be cheating. Kinda like not adding the skinny chicken you won at the fair to your taxable income. 


    In other words, a slightly deflated ball is about the most minimal form of cheating anyone can do.


    hey his balls are inflated this year and is he not having his best year?  U guys with your sour grapes just admit the guy is no. 1 and rightfully so

    From the mouth of a Pats fan. Incredible. They have cheated on more than one occasion and everyone except Pats fans know it.

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  2. People can say what they want about "Jets fans". It wasnt Jets fans that decided do tarnish Brady's legacy. That was his own doing. The man is obviously good enough to win championships. The **** do you have to cheat for? Peyton was good enough to win them, you dont ever hear any of this nonsense surrounding him. Then again you dont hear Peyton winning 4 of 6 championships either. The man went to I believe 3 SB's and won 1. In today's league given the shenanigans with the Pats, this type of accomplishment isnt even highly respected. 

    You can call it pooh all you like. They cheated teams out of fair SB's with having arguably the best QB in the game. You actually LOSE respect doing sh*t like that. 

    This is a team sport. Superbowl wins have nothing to do with how great any single player is. The Colts defense won the game in 07, not just Manning. Brady has had the benefit of a great surrounding cast and a coach that knows how to" take advantage" of every rule...i.e. cheat. Brady is not the best QB ever.

  3. If the refs didn't let anyone touch Montana and called the same bs PI calls they get today then this wouldn't be a discussion. 

    Brady is the beneficiary of systematic cheating, a game catered to the offense, and the recipient of dozens of roughing the Brady calls.  If he played in the 80's he'd be a pro bowler but unlikely to be mentioned as a HOF candidate.


    Brady would be on the side line crying like a little girl if he played in that era.

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  4. Why does Brady get to berate officials? It was a good call, TE pushed the CBs head back & Bradys screaming at refs? It's hard to like this f*cking league! I just like football so much but the favoritism is hard to stomach.

    the patriots are above the law

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