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  1. This is awesome!! http://nesn.com/2015/08/indy-brewing-company-puts-tom-brady-sux-on-bottom-of-cans-photo/
  2. Brady and the entire patriots organization are making themselves look like fools. This, on top of everything else they have done, will forever be their legacy.
  3. And, do you actually believe this stupid story that he said that? And, if he did, so what!? Any player loyal to his team would say the same thing regardless of what team he was being asked about.
  4. No rescue needed. The Colts have always done this. There is one for every year they have made it to the playoffs. Seems silly to me too but what difference does it make?
  5. do you actually watch football? There is no comparison and never will be.
  6. Sucks to be a Pats fan these days....must be tough to try to defend everything they have done. I almost feel sorry for them.
  7. They cheated in far more games than just the AFC title game. This has been gong on for a long time.
  8. The patriots cheat. Thats what they do. Everyone knows it.
  9. When Brady's just get a 2 game suspension for knowing cheating.
  10. And, you can guarantee that a deal was made between the two of them. Brady gets off with a 2 game suspension. Cheaters in every aspect of the game.
  11. I thought I told you already, you dont get any sandwiches! Keep trying though.
  12. The fact that he lied and the text messages leads me to believe he will get at least 6 games. His arrogance during that initial press conference is what really stands out.
  13. So true. And, I am the one in denial. haha
  14. You really should consider a career in stand up comedy.
  15. Factual evidence?? This is just one more lame attempt by patriots fans to discount that they have been found guilty of cheating on more than one occasion. I dont know what you guys are smoking but it must be good.
  16. Pathetic attemp to cover up the cheating ways of the patriots. It must suck to be a patriots fan.
  17. To be honest, I dont even care. But, it will be interesting to see what the investigation reveals which should be announced any day now.
  18. Not so much now. Dont know when you were here last but downtown is very nice and active.
  19. I see. I should become a madam and make some money off this....
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