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  1. Yeah, you cant miss St. Elmo's and the cigar bar is nicky blaines
  2. Your constant rambling hurts my head. Are you trying to convince yourself or everyone else here that the Patriots are innocent.
  3. there are a few riverboats and horse tracks that you can gamble at, not sure about the hookers though. I'll keep my eye out for you.
  4. If anyone is coming to Indy and needs advice, etc....feel free to contact me.
  5. I think you might be right and all of their fans will be invading Indy.
  6. Maybe the Cowoys will take him, they seem to like trouble these days.
  7. Whatever, his 911 call was made to protect himself.
  8. He was convicted and then appealed, it was dismissed when she didnt show up for court. Also, explain all her injuries? And, he claims he couldnt get her to leave his apartment? He could have picked her up and carried her out! He also had to relinquish his guns so he did have them. He's a thug and should be banned from the nfl.
  9. Hope he's been saving his money because his days are numbered in the nfl. He flat out sucks!
  10. Hardy is finished in the nfl and should be in prison. The girl didnt show up for court more likely because he threatened her and/or paid her not to.
  11. They both just made a statement from the Colts complex, they both mentioned Luck's talent and they feel like this gives them the best chance for a ring.
  12. All Revis cares about is money. Its just a matter of time until he is done because of injury or doing something stupid.... Is Brees really available? His years are numbered too.
  13. He wants a good QB which the Jets lack.
  14. Of course they are. Any spin they can get is what they will take. It's total bullsh*t and everyone knows it!!
  15. Is the dog killer still on the roster? Get rid of that piece of sh*t!
  16. I've heard it all now! Pats fans cant be serious with these accusations that the colts/Grigson had an alterior motive with the deflated football scandle! I lose more respect for you pats fan with every post.
  17. And, I bet you also believe in the easter bunny, santa, and the tooth fairy. lmao
  18. Same here, the colts have had some knuckleheads doing some stupid stuff in the off season. I dont make excuses for them either.
  19. I would not be so sure about that. Question? Do the 46 people who vote change yearly? How do they decide who gets to vote?
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