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  1. yes, bettors take that into consideration. Home teams are known to get more favorable treatment from refs and good teams get better treatment than poor teams. This is in every sport, more pronounced in Basketball than football, but it does exist and most bettors assign a 3 point edge to the home team.


    Of course the pats knew it would confuse the ravens or at least they hoped it would. What do you think the first defensive player that saw a double reverse say. You think he was confused becasue it was something that was never done before?  I am happy that "my" coach knows the rules better than the refs.  They used it against the colts  and just the threat of it made the Seahawks prepare for it. And believe me BB could give a rat's ass if it would cause a controversy, he wants to win- controversy be dammed.


    As far as the punishment goes, I think the punishment would be fair if they were caught to tamper with the balls.  If the pats measured the balls at 12.5 like they said they did when they turned them in  and the ref can proove that they did check them ( which I believe they did) and that when Kensil checked them there was an official in the room to verify the measurements and the resultant physics don't allow for the deviation.  theyshould be punished.


    Now if Kensil checked the balls himself and gave them to the refs to fill, then all bets are off. I also don;t believe that the one ball that the colts had in thier hands for 1/2 should be used as evidence.


    Patriot fans are upset with the league and mainly Kensil, as they blame him for the leaks that happened during the first week.


    Now when I run the numbers in the formula I get that the balls should lose almost 1lb going from a 72 degree locker room to a 52 degree field.  Now the wet conditions can account for another .5 PSI (Headstrong labs) The khan academy gets 2lbs   https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry/gases-and-kinetic-molecular-theory/ideal-gas-laws/v/deflategate-ideal-gas-law


    Now all the talking heads say how come the colts balls were not deflated. Well they most certainly did deflate.  but they did not deflate enough to go beyond the 12.5 min, Why. Because 24 hours before the game they were in a jet in a unheated baggage compartment, then for the next 18 hours they were in a box truck along with the rest of the uniforms, pads, gear and  game day supplies. They stood on this truck until at least 3:20 in the afternoon When the colts teams busses and gear arrived  at Gillette. Now NFL reqs require the colts to bring the game balls that they will use to the refs 2 hours and 15 min prior to the start of the game. (6:20 PM) that means they had to get the balls off the truck and to the refs in about 1/2 hour. By the time the balls were delivered the refs, the temp of those balls were already at the outside game temp. So there would be no deflation just due to temp variation. Now the ball would deflate as much as 1/2lb due to the wet condtions, but al long as the colts balls were inflated to 13PSI they would still be in spec 2 hours later at halftime. 

    You have way too much time on your hands.

  2. Because if he picks her up that could be considered domestic violence, you might be one to say he manhandled her if he did. Bruises can easily occur when a drunk person falls or is wildly flailing their arms while trying to hit someone. I know no one has ever been convicted wrongly particularly when a black male is accused of domestic violence against a white female. I'm not saying he isn't guilty, I'm just not as quick to judge based on the damsel in distress attitude. I'm also aware that woman can be just as vile and calculating as men. Neither of us were there. The accuser admitted to using cocaine that night, ever been around someone on coke? They aren't generally rational and clear headed. The audio from the 911 call doesn't support her narrative either.

    Whatever, his 911 call was made to protect himself.

  3. That's the problem. It's quite easy for people to make accusations, and I've met more than a couple of women who have no problem using false accusations as a weapon. I've heard them say to others I'll just tell the police that you hit me. Most people are quick to automatically assume that a woman is telling the truth in those situations. I read that she claims that he threw her onto a couch that was covered with guns which seems kind off odd. 


    Here is a link to the 911 call transcript. Hardy actually called the police not her.



    Heres the audio.


    He was convicted and then appealed, it was dismissed when she didnt show up for court. Also, explain all her injuries? And, he claims he couldnt get her to leave his apartment? He could have picked her up and carried her out! He also had to relinquish his guns so he did have them. He's a thug and should be banned from the nfl.

  4. It was no bargain, but this is why we don't give Percy Harvin $10.5M to be the 3rd or 4th receiving target on a team with a one-read QB.


    It is a lot of $, but by not pissing it away on the likes of Harvin (or not pissing additional money away on Harvin above the $6M+ he already got) this team had plenty of space to do this.


    My biggest concern in going after Revis was that it would be a 1 year rental so he could hop onto his next team a year later while we only got to use him for 16 games of Geno and are $16M lighter for others. Don't know how long he'll be top 5 but he should be for the upcoming 2 seasons (hopefully). But really, if we can't get a QB by the start of next season it doesn't matter anyway. Secondary should be pretty damn good.


    Plus Drew Brees is also available? And we have the room for him as well. So much for those bitching that we have to blow through all our space just 'cause it's there and they couldn't see where else to spend it in that minute of that day. If Brees is truly attainable, we still can easily absorb his $19M/year on top of the crazy haul already signed. THAT is why we save it while we're non-contenders. Never know who's going to be available to make us one.


    Please please Brees Brees.

    All Revis cares about is money. Its just a matter of time until he is done because of injury or doing something stupid.... Is Brees really available? His years are numbered too.

  5. I explained this in detail in post #141 in this thread. But I will repeat it.


    Grigson, complained to the league days before the game regarding the patriot footballs being deflated. The colts knew the refs were going to test the balls. All the colts had to do was fill thier footballs outside or in a unheated space like the visitors equipment room and those balls would not suffer any PSI loss due to a change in ambient temp.

    the only psi loss that the colts balls would experience is a loss to to the balls becoming wet and the resultant pressure loss due to becoming wet. If the colts filled thier balls to 13psi or more, they would still be over `12.5 at anytime during the game. High school chemistry.

    And, I bet you also believe in the easter bunny, santa, and the tooth fairy.  lmao

  6. If the pats are found guilty of deliberately letting air out of footballs or asking any employee or volunteer they should be punished.  I don't think any patriot fan would have much of a n issue with it.  Lets see what the lab at Columbia says occurs to footballs that suffer a 25 degree drop in temp and are wet for 90 min.  . 

    Explain to me why the colts footballs tested fine???

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