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  1. Harvin is looney tunes and not that productive. His best year was when he was with Favre.
  2. hahaha......You're just jealous because you don't get one.
  3. I heard he was going to work for some fantasy football site?
  4. Like I said, lets check back in next year. Good luck with your regulation inflated balls. Story says brady likes them small. I'm guessing pats fans have small balls too.
  5. Check back again here so we can compare notes.
  6. Talented wannabe? Realy?? Brady's regression has been noted because they cant cheat anymore. The hawks handed them the win. Andrew Luck is a smart and intelligent QB, he is going to be better than Manning because he can run and adjust. Check back in with me next year.
  7. You cant be serious?? We shall see Tex. Luck is only going to get better. Brady is getting old. The Colts will win a SB again before the Pats do.
  8. I am totally happy with the play of the Colts. We beat the patriots and won a superbowl and we will again. You can bank on that!
  9. Pats fans, you are the best but those who protest the loudest, carry the most guilt. Carry on...****
  10. Winston is a train wreck just waiting to happen. He will never make it in the NFL. I take the under as well.
  11. Congrats! It was a hell of a game and fun to watch. I still hate the patriots though.
  12. Yeah, because he is playing with properly inflated footballs
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