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  1. Is that all you have? Cheat, cheat, cheat? Maybe the Patriots have owned the Colts since day one and you are a little butt hurt?


    Let's break it down:


    46-28 Pats (Regular season)

    4-1 (Playoffs)

    Like I said, lets check back in next year. Good luck with your regulation inflated balls. Story says brady likes them small. I'm guessing pats fans have small balls too.

  2. Oh please sweetie. really? Brady's regression has been noted as he won his 4th ring? Really? Ok, I 'll see you next year.,


    (and the patys put themselves in the positio to win the game. Sure, the call was a dumb one, but the pick play was epic.That ball only gets picked there 1 time in a 100.

    See you next year....sweetie.

  3. Brady's a 4x SB Champion who's played at an incredibly high level for 15 seasons.. Sure, he will regress, but his rate of his regression is unknown. Luck's a talented wannabe at this point. What guarantee do you have that he'll get better? None. Fact.


    (and the team around luck<the team around Brady)

    Talented wannabe? Realy?? Brady's regression has been noted because they cant cheat anymore. The hawks handed them the win. Andrew Luck is a smart and intelligent QB, he is going to be better than Manning because he can run and adjust. Check back in with me next year.

  4. When youre are not the one who is enjoying the winning, you hate the team and fan base who is.


    You should know that well from Indys run with Manning.

    I am totally happy with the play of the Colts. We beat the patriots and won a superbowl and we will again. You can bank on that!

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