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  1. The monologue was pretty good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zEMv_9Edd0
  2. You only approve of him because he protects your cheating team.
  3. You may also want to consider getting some counseling for your delusional thoughts and beliefs. Come on! Really!!!! Jeez, they cheated and I cant wait to see them fumble the ball more times tomorrow than they did all season.
  4. They had to use the colts balls to find one that was inflated properly. It wasnt a careless ballboy. He DID NOT take it upon himself to deflate the balls! He was instructed to do it.
  5. It's so obvious that they are desperate. From Kraft's little speech to the look on the faces of Brady and BB, they've been caught once again and are hoping a W on sunday will help make their case. They cheated. I give you an A for your loyalty but face the facts.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/videos/super-bowl-live/0ap3000000463760/Kraft-The-Patriots-did-nothing-wrong
  7. Does he really think his little rant did anything to save face?
  8. True. A local reporter talked to Jackson and he said he did not say anything during the game. The Ravens are the ones that told the colts.
  9. Being a fan of a team that cheats is any better?? You can defend or brush off the ways they have cheated but its true and everyone knows it. Brady has had the same equipment manager since 01. They have used every cheating way to their advantage. Good luck in the superbowl. You wont be able to manipulate the balls the way Brady likes them. Another loss for the cheating Pats.
  10. I am over it. They are both liars and know there is no way the nfl can find proof who did it. The arrogance by both of them is sickening. They have been and always will be cheaters and everyone except Pats fans know and believe it. Their name and integrity is tainted enough now that it will haunt them all the way to NOT getting into the HOF.
  11. Ridiculous is that you posted the made up statement from Goodell. Two times he's been caught cheating. Do you really think he's that bad at cheating that he got caught both times? There are plenty more but he just hasnt been caught. He has not only disgraced himself but every player on the team.
  12. Bilicheck thinks he can get away with murder and has so far. He needs to be punished far more than in the past.
  13. This is not the first time he did it either. He needs to be fired. The entire outcome of the SB is tainted now because of his cheating ways.
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