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  1. Well you can check the video, it is online, the bag is open and the kid throws the ball in and gets another.



    it is simple, if the colts filled their balls up outside on the field, or in the equipment room or in a passageway, there would be no or very little temp variation between the outside atmospheric conditions or if they used an aircompressor that had a reservoir (gasses under under pressure gets colder) the air inside the ball is already then at 50 degrees so there would be no pressure drop as the temp of the air remains constant.


    The difference is that the Pats said in BBs presser that the balls for that game were filled in the heated lockerroom (how well heated is a debate is a bone of contention between me an my fellow citizen of RI) to be 12.5 psi and then were bounced, squeezed, rubbed to get the surface condition the way Brady likes it. They were then immediately directly taken to the refs for inspection around two hours before game time.   The temp dif between the lockerroom and the officials office I would say is slight maybe 7 degrees. if the official checked the balls with 1 hour of inflation, the pressure drop due to the 7 degree delta in ambient would be minimal, maybe


    You dont know where the Colts filled the balls at.  Your team cheated, nothing new.

  2. What you have to consider is that the Colts may very well have inflated the balls in the visitors equipment room outside of the visitors locker room, that area or the hallway leading outside is not heated and If they filled the balls to closer to the upper limit (like rogers and others prefer) they would be no psi drop associated with temp change.

    Now they still would be a PSI drop associated with the volume increase of the ball due to the leather swelling as it absorbs the water/rain but that swelling would only account for a .4-.7 psi drop, not enough to bring the colt balls under the 12.5 min.

    You may also want to consider getting some counseling for your delusional thoughts and beliefs. Come on! Really!!!! Jeez, they cheated and I cant wait to see them fumble the ball more times tomorrow than they did all season.

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  3. Only reason NFL is taking all this time without even interviewing the principal's of this allegation is because it can have all the answers to such beautiful questions. I hear there is half an hour game show planned during the off season.


    Common sense would dictate that the team playing by the rules would inflate the balls to proper psi before handing the ball to the refs. You know stuff that Colts seem to have done. Their balls were all proper psi. Heck even the Pats managed to get one right. Or was it a careless ballboy.

    They had to use the colts balls to find one that was inflated properly. It wasnt a careless ballboy. He DID NOT take it upon himself to deflate the balls! He was instructed to do it.

  4. And Congress has the authority to do what?

    What's next from Jets fans, line BB and Kraft up in front of a firing squad?

    It's so obvious that they are desperate. From Kraft's little speech to the look on the faces of Brady and BB, they've been caught once again and are hoping a W on sunday will help make their case. They cheated. I give you an A for your loyalty but face the facts.

  5. Here is the real interesting point the Colts said that they weren't the ones to turn the Pats in!!


    It wasn't the Colts!!



    In fact a rumor has it that the Ravens believed that the Pats were cheating and informed the NFL which would put to bed the LIE that this was a once in a atmospheric lifetime happening.....


    Read this:




    The truth is Coach Harbaugh probably suspected cheating by Pats and after Brady's snarky comment about the 'They should know the rule book" blew the whistle on them. 


    Obviously this last part is speculation on my part but the truth is it wasn't the Colts or their players which is particularly damming to the whole the "universe deflated defense of the Pats" since it shows that someone suspected that the Pats were cheating and it wasn't your local weatherman!! 

    True. A local reporter talked to Jackson and he said he did not say anything during the game. The Ravens are the ones that told the colts.

  6. Sure beats being a fan of a 4-12 football team that hasn't even had a winning record in 4 years.


    Enjoy the Super Bowl next Sunday.

    Being a fan of a team that cheats is any better?? You can defend or brush off the ways they have cheated but its true and everyone knows it. Brady has had the same equipment manager since 01. They have used every cheating way to their advantage. Good luck in the superbowl. You wont be able to manipulate the balls the way Brady likes them. Another loss for the cheating Pats.

  7. Perfect example of how ridiculous this this thread is.

    Ridiculous is that you posted the made up statement from Goodell. Two times he's been caught cheating. Do you really think he's that bad at cheating that he got caught both times? There are plenty more but he just hasnt been caught. He has not only disgraced himself but every player on the team.

  8. This is stupid but cheating is cheating and Belicheck has been caught multiple times. It might be time to suspend the dude for next season... and that's being completely objective. Belicheck and the Patriots organization as a whole have no respect for the rules. Time to drop the hammer on them.

    Bilicheck thinks he can get away with murder and has so far. He needs to be punished far more than in the past.

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