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  1. And, the Indy reporter made it clear that he didnt think it had anything to do with the loss but cheating is cheating and we all know thats what the Pats do. End of story. Period!
  2. This was not made up from an Indy reporter. Read and learn. It was reported from the NFL!!
  3. Cheaters, thats all they are! They are a disgrace to the NFL. Goodell needs to be fired.
  4. My name is Kim and I came here when Brett became a Jet. We didnt have a football team in Indiana when I was a kid so I liked whatever team my big brother did and the Jets and Packers were one of them. He also hated the Bears which I still do to this day. I am a Colts, Jets, and Packers fan. And, like most of america, I despise the Patriots.
  5. I agree, Rodgers is so much better than Wilson. If the seahawks defense doesnt play well the cheaters are going to win. The Packers defense is good too and I wanted to see Clay knock the living sh*t out of brady.
  6. I am so depressed. I thought the Colts would play better than they did last night.
  7. The story here in Indy is that when Brady was intercepted by Jackson he noticed that the ball appeared to feel lighter and much softer. I would not be surprised to find out that this is a true story since Bill has no problem cheating. However, if it is true, it did not play a role in the horrible play by the Colts.
  8. I heard on ESPN that they may have been doing this at all of their home games. I dont understand why, if this is true, that they felt the need to do it. Bill is just a cheater at heart and cant control himself I guess.
  9. No you're not. You tried to get under my skin. It did not work! I win. You LOSE!
  10. they wont have to!! Clearly, Aaaron is the better QB in this game.
  11. He's still going to play though and it looks like the rain has stopped
  12. Never?? I recall the Colts beating the Pats in 06 when we won the SB.
  13. Packers will win this game! Lynch will choke on his skittles.
  14. Colts win by 3 thanks to Adam who won so many games for the Pats!
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