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  1. My name is Kim and I came here when Brett became a Jet. We didnt have a football team in Indiana when I was a kid so I liked whatever team my big brother did and the Jets and Packers were one of them. He also hated the Bears which I still do to this day.

    I am a Colts, Jets, and Packers fan. And, like most of america, I despise the Patriots.

  2. The same Packers defense that picked off Wilson four times?  They played great for 55 minutes.  Seahawks offense on the other hand looked awful.  I would have given GB an even chance of winning in two weeks but they went into a prevent offense and now they'll be watching on TV just like us.

    I agree, Rodgers is so much better than Wilson. If the seahawks defense doesnt play well the cheaters are going to win. The Packers defense is good too and I wanted to see Clay knock the living sh*t out of brady.

  3. Any chance we could finally get Belichick suspended? If they cheated in the 2nd biggest game of the year, then the super bowl is tainted. Considering that this coach was fined $500K already for cheating and they have already been docked a 1st round pick for tampering, why is it not appropriate to suspend Belichick. Frankly in most pro sports a guy would be banned for something like this in the playoffs. Especially a guy with a history.

    I expect nothing to happen, because the league will not admit that the super bowl is not a valid match up. By Tomorow night it will be swept under the rug.

    If it is true and it wasnt the first time they need to be severely punished.

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  4. So the Pats employ a 15-year old ballboy, instruct him to deflate the balls on the sideline and make sure the ref standing right next to him doesn't see?

    You guys must believe in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny as well.

    The story here in Indy is that when Brady was intercepted by Jackson he noticed that the ball appeared to feel lighter and much softer. I would not be surprised to find out that this is a true story since Bill has no problem cheating. However, if it is true, it did not play a role in the horrible play by the Colts.

  5. Wow this is an outstanding point!!


    Just WOW!!


    Insane.....  This Commissioner is a stooge and he and the Pats are literally destroying the game with stuff like this!

    I heard on ESPN that they may have been doing this at all of their home games. I dont understand why, if this is true, that they felt the need to do it. Bill is just a cheater at heart and cant control himself I guess.

  6. Wilson has more playoff wins than Luck. 3 years in Wilson is playing in his 2nd NFCC plus hes won the big one. Wilson has shown up for big games and Luck has not. Last years Wildcard round, KC was putting the beat down on Luck and the Colts until Jamal Charles got hurt. Then KCs 2nd string RB Kniles Davis got hurt. Colts didn't belong in the Divisional round vs NE and were thoroughly tromped. Luck threw 4 INTS.


    Excuse time for Luck is over.

    No excuses are being made. If the Colts win today, I hope you dont make excuses for the loss.

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