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  1. I'd have to say today's game was a disaster, a thought most fans would agree with but the Damien Harris TD run in the 3rd quarter was a symbol of how inept the team is; poor coaching and lack of football intelligence. Now I'm primarily a hockey guy, so the most relatable term would have to be hockey IQ - and on the football field, the NYJ have very little "football IQ". The inability to tackle a player who wasn't even running that hard was emblematic of the team's pathetic, clueless effort all afternoon. We are not talking about Derrick Henry here folks, and I counted at least 8 jet
  2. There's no question that TL has the goods, you can see the accuracy of his throws and the decision making is there. That said, Zach has shown he is not "sloppy seconds" but has some real NFL talent. In a way, being drafted second might have been a good thing for him, because a #1 pick in the NY market faces immense expectations - and a HUGE media blanket. While TL faces a lot of pressure as the top pick, Jacksonville does not have anywhere near the media volume, and realistically speaking, NYJ fans are not the most patient fanbase. Probably the only thing that keeps them from flying
  3. Could not care less, did not even watch the game. All I care about is that Brady won, and beli-trash did not even make the PO. Beli-trash has never won jack without Brady; he sucked in CLE and has done nothing in NE without Brady. Don't tell me he is not the most over-rated garbage coach in sports.
  4. My rational solution, since Houston is completely delusional in what it is asking: 1-trade Darnold for several picks since the NYJ have apparently given up on him 2-draft Fields as new QB of the future Use the Darnold picks to replenish the offense and get a RB/WRS
  5. There is no infrastructure on the team for any QB to succeed. So you draft another young prospect QB, then what? What quality, proven success NFL coaches do you have in place to teach the new kid? Do you have a winning culture to bring him into? Who does hand he the ball off to? An almost 40 year old RB? Who does he throw to, a few 3rd tier WRs that have never come close to 1,000-yard receiving years? At this point the QB is the LEAST of the roster/team problems, the team is a total f-cking disaster, so if you can plug 3-5 major holes in one draft with A-grade talent w
  6. As I've said before, Darnold is NOT the problem; the team has no wide receivers, no RB, a crap OL, and one of the worst NFL coachers, ever - you could have stuck Montana or Marino in at QB and it would not have mattered. Until SD has quality around him, you cannot claim with certainty that he sucks. I do not get how people can be so hard on a guy who has had NOTHING from the GM on down to work with. They have massive holes across the roster, and until those are addressed they will continue to suck. I am still furious they won two meaningless games to lose out on the #1 pick - but wit
  7. However things end up, if the NYJ do not draft Lawrence, and he ends up being a dominant player while the NYJ are not competitive next year, I will walk away from the franchise, life is too short to spend on this kind of garbage. I watch sports to be entertained, and am old and mature enough to know that my team will not win the title every year, but to sacrifice an entire season to then pick up a meaningless win like this, is unforgivable. Some of the blame for the NYJ situation overall has to lie with the league, who has failed to step in as other leagues have when inept, incompete
  8. And when the next QB comes in and sucks, what will your excuse be then? SD has had a bad season, and has had few real weapons to work with here, so until the coaching staff is massively upgraded along with the offensive talent, you could bring in brady/manning/montana and it would not matter. The NYJ suck, but most of that suckage can not be blamed on SD.
  9. Gase is obviously one of the worst head coaches (anyone remember rich kotite?) in the history of the NFL. Beli-trash is an above average coach who was blessed with one of the best QBs ever and has consistently been massively over-rated. Yes I might be a bit biased as I distinctly remember his napkin-written resignation, but I also clearly remember his cr-p record in CLE when he did not have Brady. He is one of the most perfect examples of how life is unfair, where a marginal, unpleasant, bottom-feeding lowlife is given the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/godlike deification when he is des
  10. Because I accidentally opened the bookmark to this site as I was cleaning/organizing my thousand-odd bookmarks in my browser. I had forgotten about this site completely. One funny thing I noticed about watching a few minutes of the game for the first time in 2 decades or so was the amount of commercials, esp as a hockey fan. Go look up an NFL game from the 1990s and compare the amount of ads then to now, its astounding anyone can sit through more than 5 minutes of a game - if you can call it that since its more like 11 minutes of a sport vs over 3 hours of commercials. Then look
  11. Here's an easier solution; I think the league is fixed so I never watch NFL football any more hence I don't get frustrated. Its the only way to explain how a below average, mumbling idiot coach goes from CLE where he can barely get to .500 and goes on to majestically win 27 superbowls with pretty boy wonder icon for TV and his model wife; the perfect foils for the rest of the league to hate as they magically get every break in the rule book, get away with videotaping other teams' practices, etc. No other sport has seen anything close to the BS the pats have done for 2 decades, and th
  12. They are unwatchable; the poor coaching decisions are unreal - its like watching a HS team.
  13. If that brings the Jets good luck like last night, she can be my announcer all year and 10 of the next.
  14. Is there a better QB in the NYJ stable right now? Given the issue Fitz had last year, and the failings of Geno, why wouldn't they sign Romo? He's not HOF material, but he HAS to be better than what they've had.
  15. But they didn't. Go watch wrestling back in the 1970s, Bob Backlund is getting pounded and then...after 10 minutes of getting smashed he awakens like popeye with his spinach and wins, or like the old 1940s serials where the indy jones-type just saves the day in the waning seconds...yawn. Running Man had a good take on it; TV-scripted violence with a cheering, clueless audience. What's sad is that the audience knows they are being misled - and they still cheer and get frustrated.
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