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  1. JetsMetsRangers

    NFL Replay

    Just a heads up...Jets-Pats on NFL replay tomorrow night at 9.30!
  2. How can this be?...Strictly a game manager!....If Fitzpatrick has to throw the ball more than 30 times a game we are doomed.. Last 5 games....37 attempts....50...36...39....41....Results....5-0.....13 TDS....1 INT.....:)
  3. JetsMetsRangers

    NFL replay

    They have the Pats-Eagles game in the 9.00 slot and Carolina-Saints at 1.00.....
  4. JetsMetsRangers

    NFL replay

    Jets-Giants will be shown on NFL replay on Tuesday 12.00 noon........
  5. JetsMetsRangers

    Deflate-Gate \ Patriots Cheating Again Thread: MERGED

    Amazing that Belichick nor Brady had NO explanation how the balls were deflated in their first press conference both looking like Deer in headlights, Belichick said he never knew anything about psi or any other thing about the footballs and he never handled them......His next press conference he is a deflated football Wizard and claims they delivered under inflated balls to the ref or maybe it was the air temperature or maybe an act of God....
  6. JetsMetsRangers

    Can't blame Sanchez for this loss..

    Also although Freeman has completed a better % 68 to 63 for Sanchez, his YPA is a paltry 6.4 compared to 8.0 for Sanchez......Must be alot of checkdowns going on in Tampa......
  7. JetsMetsRangers

    Jets vs Dallas replay

    Just a heads up, according to their site, NFL network will be showing the Jets vs Cowboys replay Tuesday night at 8.00 PM
  8. JetsMetsRangers

    Jets VS Pats replay

    Just a heads up for anyone with NFL network, Jets win against Pats will air 9:15 tonight...
  9. After Folk missed the FG i thought the same thing.....Not only was Harris slow as hell, he actually ran back into Crumpler....He should have angled towards the pilon and may have still scored.....
  10. JetsMetsRangers

    Giant Collapse Thread

    Nah, Jets didnot back in....The Jags backed out of the playoffs!
  11. JetsMetsRangers

    Expert Sides With Henne Over Sanchez

    I would say Sanchez was "slightly" better than decent.....He completed over 60% in the 3 playoff games with 4 TDS and 2 INT..... Had a 7.9 avg per attempt and over 13 yards per completion, keep in mind all 3 games were on the road....Sanchez stepped up big time in my view from the regular season, give the guy a little more credit than decent... We will never know if Henne would have performed as well in the playoffs since he and the Dolphins had destiny in their own hands and flopped.....As far as backing into the playoffs if the Dolphins did not crap the bed in the final weeks that would have been a moot point....
  12. I agree, if the Giants did not piss and moan about having a coin flip in the 1st place this sham coin flip would have never happened...... The Giants are as responsible as anyone here.....If they had agreed to the coin flip, it could have been a positive for the NFL by having it out in the open with reps from both teams there.... Instead because the Giants cried about this in private, Goodell made a mockery of the process and Woody was right to be pissed....
  13. JetsMetsRangers

    what's up with edwards???

    +1......Same with the bomb against the Bills, hit his facemask.....Seems if he actually gets his hands on the ball he catches it.....His big problem has been on deep throws that he just completely misses and they never touch his hands.....
  14. JetsMetsRangers

    Broncos shopping Brandon Marshall

    Yes, those are the 2009 numbers....Do not have the 2008 stats but a i am pretty sure you are correct about them being in the top 3 last year....
  15. JetsMetsRangers

    Broncos shopping Brandon Marshall

    FWIW.......Washington post stats Edwards....94 targets.....45 receptions.....4 drops....15.1 avg....46% 1st downs....48% caught Marshall....154 targets....101 receptions....7 drops...12.3 avg.....36% 1st downs....65% caught Bowe........87 targets......47 receptions.....11 drops...12.8 avg....36% 1st downs....54% caught

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