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  1. And you could say Miami has only had 5 games instead of 6. 5 road games and 1 neutral site in another country.


    Kidding of course, although there were more Miami fans than usual since the game was in Toronto.

    I can use that one against ya...think of how far the Jets had to go to play Buffalo, and how far the Phins had to travel up to Canada. ;)

  2. No it doesn't. Shorter distances and time zones. There is a difference. Slight, but there is a difference. Miami has had an easier road to this point, including an extra home game. (Jets have played 7 at home, Miami 8).

    Man...you guys are really reaching, aren't ya? :P

  3. They also received Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle & San Diego at HOME while the Jets have to / had to travel to all four locations. Sure they had to go out to St.Louis and Kansas City, but those arn't nearly as bas as heading to California three times and Washington another. They also got their game in Buffalo in a nice cozy, 73 degree dome with plenty of Dolphin fans since tickets were made very available to anyone.

    And they also played AT Houston, AT Denver, and AT Arizona.

    It all evens out.

  4. Just want to add one thing to this debate....can we stop with the "Dolphins have a weak schedule" comments?

    Look it up boys, with the exception of TWO games, the Phins and Jets have the EXACT same opponents on their respective schedules.

    The two differences? The Jets played Tennessee and Cincinnati, the Dolphins played Houston and Baltimore.

    Tennessee and Cincinnati combined? 14-13-1.

    Houston and Baltimore combined? 16-12.

    Think before you speak.

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