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  1. Dolphins fan here lol I had to comment because someone brought up Mac Jones compared to Wilson. I’m sooooo sick of the media drooling over Jones. Mac Jones imo is nothing special. Just your average run of the mill QB that’s in a friendly dink and dunk Patriots scheme with a good line. Wilson on the hand has a rocket launcher arm and elite escapability. He clearly just isn’t ready yet. Redraft right now still give me Zack Wilson. The big problem with all this though is everybody needs an Elite player NOW. No time to waste. These guys have no time to develop.
  2. You’ll have your chance against Seattle in December. Shut outs are hard to do. Unlikely you get blanked the rest of the year.
  3. Forums are filled with homers. No reasonable fins fin thinks were a contender. But I will say we’re coming along nicely
  4. Exactly why I Think it’s a real possibility Gase survives. Covid. Trades (Adams) Mosley opts out . Sam injured again. Douglas talking to the Johnsons vouching for Gase. I think it could happen.
  5. This is the worst jets team I’ve ever seen in my life. Zero fight. Totally checked out on gase. Will Douglas fire this bum? I’m worried he won’t and give him one more year.
  6. This is something Gase did in Miami constantly. He would get in front of the podium and call out everyone on the team except Tannehill and himself. It got old real fast.
  7. Yup, elite stats at the nickel when used there. Dolphins play him everywhere but the breaking point was lining him up in the box as a Linebacker week1 a majority of his snaps.
  8. I expect us to blitz Darnold early and often. We’ll see how he holds up. But..
  9. No rookies on the oline. But Josh Sitton loss does hurt. He's being replaced with Ted Larsen a journeyman.
  10. What rookie guard are we starting? LOL. Also I never said anything about Kilgore being a great center. I said he's a gritty player. If you read between the lines there he's basically an undersized so-so talented guy but he has a lunch pail attitude. I totally get the excitement behind the jets right now. Blowout on MNF and it look's like you got your guy at QB for the next 10 years. MetLife is going to be NUTS. If you look back early in this thread i predicted 2 scenarios. A close game with either team taking it late or decisive jets victory.
  11. Yes and he was terrific. I don't wanna jinx it, but it appears we finally hit a home run on a 1st round pick. He's mainly in the slot right now but they move him around a lot. He mad a touchdown saving tackle on a 4th and goal that was a thing of beauty. I feel pretty good about our secondary as a whole. McCain is a good player it's just the height disparity is tough to ignore. I'm more concerned with stopping the run. Titans are supposed to be a tough physical running team and I thought we held up pretty well. But still we have no namers playing inside for us now that Suh is gone.
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