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  1. Here’s my question to Joe Douglas supporters. But before I ask let me say I love a lot of the moves he’s made. Loved the Saleh hire. Loved Wilson, Moore, Carter in last years draft. This current draft on paper looks like a grand slam. With all that said the team is 6-27 under his watch. What are expectations in year 3 of JD? Will a 5-6 win season, albeit a better record than last year, cut it? It’s really a weird situation in my eyes because it feels like he’s building something potentially special but the results on the field have stunk early on.
  2. It’s love or hate and no in between. Almost 50/50. Tua haters Constantly bitch about 2 yard passes, being a frail injury prone QB and anytime he does something well it was the result of the other team being bad. Then there’s the pro Tua crowd that has an excuse for everything he does wrong. It’s really maddening. Lol I was very excited about Tua when we first got him but I’ve since tempered my expectations. I do still feel comfortable moving forward with him as our franchise QB. I think he has elite accuracy and thats enough with a decent supporting cast.
  3. Tough question. Gun to my head I think I would just for the potential to have a top 10 QB that can play an exciting brand of football. I want to make clear im not knocking Tua by saying this. I think Tua’s a VERY good accurate passer that can make noise with the right pieces around him and im happy to have him, but his style of football is death by 1000 paper cuts.
  4. It was one of Tua’s worst games imo. Only thing I was happy to see was him bounce back from the pick 6 and get the win. He was clearly carried by the run game and 2nd half defense.
  5. Trust me I’ve been down the advanced stat hole to try and prove Tua can throw deep lol he clearly has an average arm. I’ve accepted it. I now just focus on what he does best, short accurate throws lol anyone with eyes can see guys like Mahomes, Herbert and Allen are a different level of arm talent then a guy like Jones.
  6. Simply pointing out the obvious, they don’t throw downfield. All this with the most pocket time in the whole league. Advanced stats also say Tua is Elite at completing deep balls and we both know he’s far from a deep ball passer in his young career.
  7. Again, Tua was far from the worst QB in the league last year yet in the media and within the fan base he needed to be replaced ASAP. Young QBs are on the shortest leash they’ve ever been on in today’s nfl.
  8. Mac jones 23rd in passes attempted at 30+ Air yards. Mac Jones also has the highest pocket time at 2.4 with an elite offense line, yet they still don’t throw downfield. Only one with a straw man argument is you searching advanced stats trying to piece together data that makes him appear on par with the games greats. Truly bizzare.
  9. We get it man. You’re using cherry picked advanced stats to make your argument. I do this with Tua constantly lol you’re kidding yourself If you think Mac Jones has similar ability to Rodgers, Brady, And Patty Mahomes as far as deep passing is concerned.
  10. I mean he can’t be Houdini every play lol. There should’ve been 8sacks yesterday maybe more. But you can see the kid flash.
  11. The comment rings true. It appears nearly every fan base wants to replace their young rookie QB if they don’t have record setting years like Herbert. I’m living through it in Miami right now.
  12. Mac Jones also has an elite defense and a team that can line up and run the ball 100 times in a row and win.
  13. Ok fair enough. Can I ask your view on Tua? He’s currently 2nd in deep ball accuracy. Over the last 6 weeks he also had the most 50+ yard pass plays. Do you consider tua a deep ball passer?
  14. Ok so you view Mac jones as a big time downfield passer? We’ll have to agree to disagree.
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