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  1. Nope i was recently introduced to your lonely msg boards. I actually just joined today after hearing about it...wait..why the hell do i have to explain myself to you?!?! Hit me with the ol "Oh its the bandwagon Fin fan" your a joke and i will have a hugggge smile on my face when the clock ticks to 00:00 in the 4th qtr and i'm celebrating in your stadium. Deal with it. Matter of fact..worry about Seattle my friend.
  2. You got a problem with Tamarac buddy? lol It'd s very nice place to live
  3. Nope, not bandwagon...just havn't had much to talk smack about in recent years so i thought hey, what better time then now. Anyways...i wish you the worst this weekend.
  4. You'll probly get hammered by Seattle and then come home to lose to Chad and the fins. So please think of me when your freezing your asses off and i'ma t Dolphin Stadium rockin my new AFC EAST DIVISION CHAMPS SHIRT. BTW Slayer is the shiznit. Even though you are a loser jet fan you get props for having your name as War Ensemble.
  5. awwww...boo hoo the Dolphins don't have to go to the West COast and play, not fair! Boo Hoo...stop whinning. You wouldn't be staring defeat by way of Miami Dolphins if you would have handled your business against sub-par teams...too bad. I'm going to enjoy watching your fan base wither away after witnessing the lowest point in your franchise history when Chad hands it to you and your man boob coach.
  6. Don't you wanna know the reason why your not going to make the playoffs and why the Fins are going to be AFC EAST CHAMPS?
  7. Good Read. It feels good to see this organization being run the right way. I can't wait to get my AFC EAST DIVISION CHAMPS T-SHIRT.
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