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  1. This is the worst jets team I’ve ever seen in my life. Zero fight. Totally checked out on gase. Will Douglas fire this bum? I’m worried he won’t and give him one more year.
  2. This is something Gase did in Miami constantly. He would get in front of the podium and call out everyone on the team except Tannehill and himself. It got old real fast.
  3. Yup, elite stats at the nickel when used there. Dolphins play him everywhere but the breaking point was lining him up in the box as a Linebacker week1 a majority of his snaps.
  4. I expect us to blitz Darnold early and often. We’ll see how he holds up. But..
  5. No rookies on the oline. But Josh Sitton loss does hurt. He's being replaced with Ted Larsen a journeyman.
  6. What rookie guard are we starting? LOL. Also I never said anything about Kilgore being a great center. I said he's a gritty player. If you read between the lines there he's basically an undersized so-so talented guy but he has a lunch pail attitude. I totally get the excitement behind the jets right now. Blowout on MNF and it look's like you got your guy at QB for the next 10 years. MetLife is going to be NUTS. If you look back early in this thread i predicted 2 scenarios. A close game with either team taking it late or decisive jets victory.
  7. Yes and he was terrific. I don't wanna jinx it, but it appears we finally hit a home run on a 1st round pick. He's mainly in the slot right now but they move him around a lot. He mad a touchdown saving tackle on a 4th and goal that was a thing of beauty. I feel pretty good about our secondary as a whole. McCain is a good player it's just the height disparity is tough to ignore. I'm more concerned with stopping the run. Titans are supposed to be a tough physical running team and I thought we held up pretty well. But still we have no namers playing inside for us now that Suh is gone.
  8. That's a great question. We're all worried about the possibility of him covering a tall & speedy Robby Anderson. Not only is McCain small but he's not particularly fast either. The thinking is he is going remain the other starting boundary corner this game and he will have safety help over the top. No matter how you look at it this seems like a definite advantage for the Jets.
  9. I can see how someone who doesn't follow Dolphins football intensely can make this assessment. But it's wrong. Mike Pouncey was vastly overrated and hardly ever available. The sitton loss hurts. The O-Line play I saw Sunday is the best I've seen in years from this team. But Buffalo Bills bad after losing Sitton??? No way. Tunsil & James, solid bookend 1st round draft choices. Kilgore at center has brought a grittiness that Pouncey lacked. We are fine.
  10. Well if we base this week's game off week 1 play the Dolphins have no shot after seeing what the Jets did to Lions on the road in prime time. TBH I'm not even sure what to make of the Dolphins 1st game. It was bizarre. Tons of injuries and a 3 hour lightning delay dead smack in the middle of the game. But like I said I think the teams are pretty even at nearly every position. I think the one thing I'd hang my hat on is that Sam is a rookie QB and playing his first divsional rivalry game. It just so happens we have 2 pretty good pass rushers on each side (Wake & Quinn). While Darnold does not appear to be a typical rookie qb, i'm hoping the pressure off th edge can make him look like one on Sunday.
  11. Do you really believe the Jets are that much more talented than the Dolphins? I think the rosters stack up pretty evenly.
  12. How are ya big fella? Nice to have an exciting matchup between our squads. Darnold has me really worried. Big, Tall, Strong, Handsome (ok maybe not handsome). Dude looks the part out there. And now the secondary looks to be complete with the final addition being Johnson. Oh, and Daron Lee is actually a Linebacker. Who knew!? I think my fins either get blown out or it's a close game that could go either way late.
  13. What's with all these Dolphin compliments guys. I'm feeling the love in here! Merry Christmas!
  14. Welp, we just held a team that boast Phillip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Kennan Allen, Hunter Henry & Antonio Gates to 17 points in their home opener. All players who I think could start on the 2017 New York Jets. But yet i'm still scared of this game. My prediction is the Fins go up by 4 points with a Tocuhdown late in the 4th quarter (24-20) and the Jets fail to score a td on the last position to give the Fins a thrilling 24-20 victory.
  15. Jets/Dolphins week BayBay! WE READY! WE READY!
  16. Jif...staaahp! While the schedule looks brutal the same could be said about last years and we managed 10 wins. Love the young core on offense (Ajayi 24, Stills 25, Parker 24, Landry 24,) Defense should be improved. I mean how can it not be? Dreadful last year and we added Timmons to the LB corp and a young pass rusher in Charles Harris through the draft as well as getting back Safety Reshad Jones from the acl inury. Gase's second year. Front office in perfect sync. It's a good time to be a Fins Fan!
  17. oh fellas.....it's going to be a really tough year.
  18. Ugh. I was hoping for a primetime game against the Dolphins. This sucks.
  19. The jets being 0-2 part is true. Opening on the road against the Raiders & Miami is speculation.
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