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  1. TEH CIRCUMSTANCE and yea, I tore up Club Liv right after the game on Sunday.
  2. Brady was on his back the whole 2nd half like a good little slut.
  3. LOL I agree. There is something to be said about putting up nearly double digit TD's with Tebow as QB. He is hands down the worst passer i've ever seen.
  4. BTW it was 600 yards 8 tds, not 800 yards. Still pretty good for having Tebow.
  5. I'm not saying Decker isn't a good WR. All i'm saying is the writers comparison to Hartline isn't that far fetched. I conceded Decker has the edge but I don't think the gap between them is a big as some of you think it is.
  6. He had 800 yards and 8 tds With Tebow and had a physical freak D. Thomas on the other side.
  7. Their numbers are very similar besides TD catches. Hartline hasn't exactly had a Peyton Manning type QB throwing him the rock either. Also take into account Decker has had other weapons (D.Thomas, Welker, Juluis Thomas) on offense help give him quality match ups against opposing defense. Hartline was a the Dolphins #1 WR in '12 playing with the likes of Davone Bess, Armon Bins and Marlon Moore. While I'd certainly give Decker the edge the comparison is not far off.
  8. Lol I been around here for a while. I'm kind of being a dick but I do respect this forum. I'll chill out.
  9. Bro we already over paid and we're done with free agency.
  10. Guys, this is idziks philosophy. Jets will get some great kmart blue light specials day 3. Trust me. #neveroverpay
  11. Epic failure on the jets part. Idzik has got to go. #Tannebaumisandwastheman
  12. Rick Scott Step right up! (carnie voice)
  13. Who's **** do I gotta suck to make that happen. Just point'em out.
  14. ahhh **** it! Sheldon for OROY too!!!
  15. Your suggesting that it isn't even close comparing 2nd round pick Kiko Alonso to top 15 pick Sheldon Richardson? Kiko was the leader of the buffalo defense as a rookie. Top 3 in Tackles and top 6 in Ints in the league. His stats are impressive and he could easily have been DROY. Thats not taking anything away from Sheldon who is a beast i might add.
  16. You can't go wrong with either one. I just think statistcally Alonso was better. He also became the leader of that defense without question.
  17. Richardson wasn't even better than Kiko Alonso. He certainly isn't better than Revis. Now add on Revis possibly signing with the Pats and it's a complete disaster.
  18. It made me want to spend more in Free Agency!
  19. Jif, It's really unfair to take out your frustrations with Izdik on me. I'm rooting for ya bud. What he is doing to the fans is not right! I may be a fan of a rival team but we're all fans bro! We want excitement! I want some breaking news!
  20. No position was changed. It's common knowledge the Jets have been searching for that Elite pass rusher at OLB for Rex's scheme since he's gotten there. Pace, Gholston, Coples. Hell you guys thought you might have found a diamond in the rough with Maybin lol
  21. didn't say he didn't count. I said it uncommon to get high sack numbers from your 3-4 defensive end. It's usually the OLB putting on the pressure.
  22. Dumb dolphins drafted a 3-4 OLB for a 4-3. Plus we already had Wake and Vernon came on last year with double digit sacks.
  23. From your 3-4 defensive end. I'd bet big money that won't happen again. An elite Pass Rusher at OLB is something we've never seen in this Jets defense under Rex. It would've been an awesome signing. #Izdikasleepatthewheel
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