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  1. LOL. Whens the last time you a pass rusher get double digit sacks? Maybe Pace had a one fluke year. Probably not since the Abraham days. Ware would've been a massive upgrade.
  2. The big discount's start on day 3. Don't fret my friend.
  3. All that statement in bold does is attest to the outstanding job Rex did with a sub par roster. And as it stand right now the Jets Roster is worse off than it was last year. Good options at Tackle and CB are becoming fewer and fewer. It just seems odd that a team with 40 million in cap is not aggresiveley trying to sure up some of their deficiencies.
  4. I must say all the jabs are pretty funny but it's getting redundant responding to the "How did Free Agency work for ya last year!" A majority of money spent went to the passing game. It was much improved. I would have love to see what Keller could've provided but injuries happen. Unfortunately we had a little bullying issue last year. Not sure if you guys heard of it? They actually hired this guy Ted Wells to interview and investigate or locker room. It also caused us to lose 3 starting offensive lineman. Call me crazy, but I think it may have had an effect on the team.
  5. So he basically is shopping in the $5 Blu-ray bin and will draft all his good long term players. Got it. About keeping the salary cap healthy. You do realize it's back to back years the Dolphins are top 5 in available cap space. There are ways to manage the cap and sign top tier Free Agents.
  6. A combination of those 3 would be the only reason for keeping your hands in your pockets this long with 40mil available. I doubt it happens though.
  7. I grabbed some lunch. I'm back
  8. I never questioned the jets draft from 13. I'm questioning their free agency approach. And I already said REX is a great coach. He absolutely proved it getting that team with a sh*t offense to 8 wins.
  9. Yes we've been a miserable franchise for over a decade. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Another prime example of why we should have pay that man his money. Instead we went cheap and young with Lamar Miller. Reggie was solid for us.
  11. It seems like they did well the last 2 off-seasons without him.
  12. Should have never let that bi-polar, woman beating s.o.b. go. lol
  13. Are their any jet fan's on here that are not happy sitting around watching top tier free agents sign everywhere except New york? Or is everyone happy with the Jet's approach to free agency the last two years.
  14. As of right now your roster is worse then last years. And with 40 mil you could have easily signed a very good player to contract instead of this Kmart blue light special approach.
  15. What do you want your Jets to do? You want them to sit back and sign bargain bin values?You know it's ok to spend some of that money on a good player. Not every signing has to be a super ultra bargain value. Some teams do sign good players to big deals. I swear man, it does happen.
  16. Would you rather pay Decker or pay Revis? You would rather pay Ware or pay Golden Tate? Or would you rather just pay nobody like Izdik lol
  17. Know how I know your team stinks? You think exactly how i use to when beating the jets was just goof enough for me.
  18. I didn't hear anything confirmed. I know they have the first crack, but I think he would be intrigued playing for a Defensive guy like Rex. Link?
  19. LOL as if your on the level of GB, Car, NE, Hou, Balt, Sea and Cin. Those teams can afford to sit around. Anyways those teams aren't 40 mil under the cap.
  20. You can still savage free agency but I doubt your GM has the balls to do it. Revis is absolutely do able with cap space you have and that move would instantly put you guys in playoff contention this year and make every AFC East rival sad. I thought Byrd to the Jets was a no brainer considering your lack of talent at the postion and Byrd's familarity with Rex's D. If Revis can't be had then I'd move my attention to Ware. The jets have been dying for an OLB that can produce double digit sacks year in and year out. Rex has already proved he can win with a sh*t QB. Load up on D.
  21. Albert is a Pro Bowl Tackle who is very good in pass pro and was recently coming off his best season. He was also regarded as the best LT available in free agency and we got him. I'd much rather pay Albert than draft another 1st round Left Tackle or search for a K-Mart blue light special.
  22. I never suggested big free agency spending gets you a super bowl. But sitting around with 40 mil in cap and watching every other team fill holes while your team is stagnant should be cause for alarm.
  23. Pouncey isn't facing a suspension. We just locked up a good LT who excels at pass pro. That's an excellent start considering the circumstances. We're making moves. How about you?
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