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  1. Yea whatever dont be a dick.........
  2. Dude I didnt hijack anyones thread I made a new one. Its a joke chill the hell out. WTF.........Its New Years Eve............
  3. Woody Johnson to me became a stand up guy taking things into his own hands and doing what most JETS fans wanted done. Eric Mangini desperately FAILED and looked UGLY doing it.
  4. No beef with you or another poster bro. I see what you think you know "drunk" is way better than being stupid. Enjoy the night. Coors Light
  5. Pass the hat JetNation.com could buy the JETS......
  6. 40-50 mph winds temps below freezing. The hell with that I can pull my pants down at midnight and watch 2 balls drop ............
  7. Chad Pennington is the NFL feel good story from rags to riches come on guys. He was cut by the JETS for future hall of famer Brett Favre and then beat him in the last game to win the AFC east. Would Chad win the award if he lost to JETS...
  8. PS3 prices getting cut 35% just saw it on the news.
  9. Kellen Clemens in 5 games looked like Cindy Brady.........
  10. Tech-9, AK-47, or a 357 with hollow points,sawed off 12 gauge gangsta style.
  11. Yes you are next week you will be back to collecting aluminum cans roadside.
  12. No man why hijack a perfectly good thread with bull**** nonsense. Whoa nothing.
  13. Rex Ryan for HC Buddy Ryan for DC id like to see him punch out a few of the lazy underachieving players on the sidelines............
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