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  1. We shall see, better not fall too far behind though. Oh and how in the world did the bills sack him like 6 times?
  2. WOW, that's almost the dumbest thing I read all day, what a feat congrats. I can't wait to see what you think on Tuesday, that's if you are still around, and I'm not banned, you know how it goes.
  3. Oh yeah and you hit the jackpot with the fish and their new name every year stadium. Have you ever seen them win a playoff game? Can you remember it?
  4. Look it lives in queens and roots for the Yankees and dolphins. It probably picked names out of a hat and got lucky once.
  5. There is a half of game difference in the results of the teams we played. The Jets are 3-1, the fish are 1-3. That makes us better than you, I did not say, nor does it mean we will automatically beat you. That's why they play the games, maybe you should tell the clowns on fish heaven that. This really is not that hard, there are no extra innings to worry about.
  6. I never brought up the records till you listed the teams, duh! I questioned how you could think you played better teams. I see now how, with flawed logic.
  7. Hello, your group of teams had to play you scrubs, our group played us. You are 1-3, we are 3-1, do you think that has a little something to do with the win percentage totals?
  8. Right and who those teams played has nothing to do with it right? Tell me again how many outs we need...
  9. He also scored the 3rd goal to go up 3-0. It was an empty netter though.
  10. What do you know? Don't act your age. Besides you would not say that with skates on in a rink, unless you like stretchers and hospitals.
  11. So far so good, but he needs to keep it up! He was a hero that series.
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