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  1. The Everton-Villa game was great to watch. Lots of chances and few great saves from both goalkeepers. Just read that Bob Bradley agreed to a four year contract to stay on as coach of the national team. I was hoping that we'd go in a different direction. It didn't work out too well when we extended Bruce Arena's contract.
  2. "Come Together" at number nine, seriously? That is one of my least favorite Beatles songs. Good list otherwise. I might add some of these as honorable mentions... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6tV11acSRk&feature=related
  3. Is Papelbon a free agent after this season? If he is, I can't see the Red Sox resigning him to a big deal, especially after the season he's having. Bard should be the closer.
  4. Newcastle dropped six on Aston Villa today. Wonder if Villa makes a move to get Bob Bradley now?
  5. The PGA ruled that Johnson grounded his club and then pulled away while he was in a "bunker" on 18. But I don't see how what he was in can be considered a bunker. Grass was growing in it and there were spectators all over it. McIlroy will win a major soon.
  6. It broke my heart to watch Dustin Johnson erase his 5 and change it to a 7 in the clubhouse. Since when do they let spectators stand in a bunker?
  7. Just saw this on the Globe website... "News just coming in from Fenway Park that Kevin Youkilis' season will come to an end after undergoing thumb surgery tomorrow in Cleveland. The Globe's Amalie Benjamin is currently in the clubhouse gathering more information." Definitely the biggest loss the Sox have suffered this season. I don't think they can make a serious run at the wild card or division without Youkilis.
  8. I'm just happy that I don't have listen to Michael Kay tell me that ARod hit his first career homer against Tom Gordon before every at-bat.
  9. I actually just finished reading War. A very good read. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
  10. Hell no! Too old, on the downside of his career and a locker room cancer. No thank you.
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