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  1. Otter

    Not only did you win, you did so while starting Cedric Benson.

  2. Otter

    I think you and I played one of the worst fantasy games of all-time yesterday. 61-60.

  3. Otter

    Yeah. I'll make the playoff threads. I'm pumped up for postseason. I've got a good feeling about this team.

  4. Otter

    Did you get pictures with Melky and CC?

  5. Otter

    Sorry about your cat. 16 is a nice long life.

  6. Otter

    Thanks. I do my best. If you want to be a teacher look into the SUNY schools. Many of the teachers that I know got their degrees at New Paltz. I've taken some classes there for my program at Albany and they've got a great education school.

  7. Good luck.

  8. I found an article that might pique your interests. http://deadspin.com/5247201/rusty-kuntz-is-milking-a-cow

  9. I'm probably the only non-hunter in my entire family. Just not my thing. I am always aware of when the various seasons start because of my hiking. I just need to remember not to wear blue or red. Good luck if you get out in the woods.

  10. Great pics, especially of Bryce Canyon. I need to go out West again.

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