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  1. Otter

    Did you get pictures with Melky and CC?

  2. Good luck.

  3. Great pics, especially of Bryce Canyon. I need to go out West again.

  4. I found an article that might pique your interests. http://deadspin.com/5247201/rusty-kuntz-is-milking-a-cow

  5. Otter

    I think you and I played one of the worst fantasy games of all-time yesterday. 61-60.

  6. I'm probably the only non-hunter in my entire family. Just not my thing. I am always aware of when the various seasons start because of my hiking. I just need to remember not to wear blue or red. Good luck if you get out in the woods.

  7. Otter

    Not only did you win, you did so while starting Cedric Benson.

  8. Otter

    Sorry about your cat. 16 is a nice long life.

  9. Otter

    Thanks. I do my best. If you want to be a teacher look into the SUNY schools. Many of the teachers that I know got their degrees at New Paltz. I've taken some classes there for my program at Albany and they've got a great education school.

  10. Otter

    Yeah. I'll make the playoff threads. I'm pumped up for postseason. I've got a good feeling about this team.

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