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  1. Am I the only one that sees it?

    Oh and we're keeping him for another 4 years..


    As US Soccer Fans/Jets fans lets commiserate on this decision. We all know losers of his ilk way too well.

    It's time to move on from Bradley. Yes, he coached the US out of the group stage, but this team never really seemed prepared to play. This is evident in the horrible way they started each game they played in the World Cup. Besides, his lineup choices for the Ghana game is unforgivable.

    Remember what happened when the US kept Bruce Arena on after the 2002 quarterfinal run. National teams rarely keep coaches on thru two World Cup cycles. I would love for the US to go out and get Jurgen Klinsmann. I realize that we don't have anywhere near the soccer talent as Germany, but perhaps he can help transform the entire national team structure, from youth soccer all the way up to the senior national team, to make us more competitive and help develop more young talent.

  2. I agree.

    Also, if they make this move and put Hughes in the bullpen they are going to f him up for good.

    I just read that the Yankees are looking to trade Javy. Maybe for bullpen help or even to the Phillies for Jayson Werth.

    The Yankees still have a blue chip catching prospect, Austin Romaine, at Double A.

  3. I remember the game he's referring to - it was by far Rivera's best career start, when he threw 8 innings of 2-hit ball against the White Sox and K'd at least 10 guys.

    Later that season, I was at what had to be one of the last true doubleheaders (not this day-night BS) at Yankee Stadium... Rivera started the 1st game, in which Mike Stanley proceeded to hit 3 HR's (including a grand slam), but Wickman and Wetteland managed to give away the game. They went on to lose the second game, but after becoming quite inebriated, the only thing I remember was Sterling Hitch**** starting for the Yankees and my friend getting yelled at by some lady for booing Dave Winfield.

    It was nice to go out to the Stadium before all of the dooshes jumped on the bandwagon.

    I was at that doubleheader too. The place went nuts after Stanley hit his third home run. If I am remembering correctly the Yankees went into the ninth with a 9-4 lead, before Wickman and Wettland gave up six in the inning.

  4. Beltre went 4-4 last night and is now hitting .350. It would be a huge snub if he doesn't get chosen, starter or not. Will Joe G. take his guy A-Rod? We'll see.

    I hope Joe doesn't take ARod to the ASG. He needs all the rest he can get.

  5. I missed the first 10 minutes of the game that everyone is complaining about. From the parts I watched the US played well and lost to a quality opponent. Ghana is no offensive powerhouse but they are a good team.

    I haven't watched this Rossi kid that everyone is talking about play but it sounds like if we had him for this WC we might have done some damage since he sounds like he's the missing piece.

    The US really missed Charlie Davies. He's got a killer instinct around the goal that our current strikers do not possess and he is a much better compliment to Altidore up top.

    Glad to see Germany smash England today. If Argentina wins today that sets up a hell of match between them and the Germans in the quarters.

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