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  1. The Yankees start a 9 game road trip with three in Oakland...

    New York Yankees vs. Oakland A's @ Oakland Coliseum

    April 20, 21, 22

    100px-NewYorkYankees_PrimaryLogo.svg.png 100px-Oakland_Athletics.svg.png


    10:05 YES

    3786.jpg vs. 28962.jpg

    RHP Javier Vazquez (0-2, 9.82) LHP Gio Gonzalez (1-0, 3.38)


    10:05 YES

    28638.jpg vs. 4571.jpg

    RHP Phil Hughes (1-0, 3.60) RHP Ben Sheets (1-0, 2.65)


    3:35 YES

    4553.jpg vs. 28749.jpg

    LHP CC Sabathia (2-0, 2.84) LHP Dallas Braden (2-0, 2.70)

  2. He's as talented as anyone in the league save for Pujols and A-Rod. Sick defender too.

    Joe Morgan (yeah, I know he's bad) said he's got the best throw from 2nd to 1st on double plays that he's ever seen.

    He's been the best player on the team so far this season.

    He has always had the ability to be the best defensive second baseman in the league, but sometimes he gets a little lazy in the field. Hopefully his early success at the plate will keep him focused in the field.

  3. Tonight's lineups. Winn in left, Thames at DH.


    Derek Jeter SS

    Nick Swisher RF

    Mark Teixeira 1B

    Alex Rodriguez 3B

    Robinson Cano 2B

    Jorge Posada C

    Marcus Thames DH

    Curtis Granderson CF

    Randy Winn LF

    RHP Phil Hughes


    Erick Aybar SS

    Bobby Abreu RF

    Torii Hunter CF

    Hideki Matsui DH

    Kendry Morales 1B

    Howie Kendrick 2B

    Mike Napoli 2B

    Brandon Wood 3B

    Reggie Willits LF

    LHP Scott Kazmir

  4. Here's the schedule for opening day in case anybody is headed to the Stadium...

    10:10-11:10 a.m.: Yankees take BP

    11:00 a.m.: Gates open to ticket holders

    11:10-11:50 a.m.: Angels take BP

    12:30-12:44 p.m.: 2009 World Series ring ceremony begins

    12:44-12:54 p.m.: First and third baseline introductions

    12:54 p.m.: Introduction of the giant American flag, unfurled by West Point cadets

    12:55 p.m.: Presentation of colors by the West Point Cadet Color Guard

    12:56 p.m.: The National Anthem will be performed by Kristin Chenoweth, along with a U.S. Navy Fighter Squadron Composite Twelve (VFC-12) flyover

    1:01 p.m.: Ceremonial first pitch by Bernie Williams

    1:04 p.m.: Umpires and managers to home plate

    1:06 p.m.: Yankees take the field

    1:08 p.m.: First pitch

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