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    Doug Brien's 2 missed field goals at Heinz Field in 2005
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  1. ****Official Browns-Ravens game thread***

    I just saw the most hilarious poster I've seen at a game in a long time... Cleveland Browns undEr conStruction & Pathetic SiNce 1999 then I remembered I'm a Jets fan...FML
  2. Brian Schottenheimer: MERGED

    Am I the only one who things the 2nd down and 6 call on the final drive in the red zone when Sanchez tried to scramble and barely got back to the line of scrimmage was F*ING HORRIBLE! I mean you have 3 downs to run the ball 6 for the first down - 12 for the game winner, you have 2 timeouts left with plenty of time (and Miami calling TOs to give them time to get the ball back) and on 2nd and 6 you call a passing play? I dunno, if you think I'm wrong tell me, but if I'm the OC I'm running the ball. At worst you pick up a few yards and give yourself a more manageable 3rd or 4th! I mean I thought we were going to be a tough running/defense team? Putting the ball in the hands of your rookie QB instead of playing smashmouth football with your stud O-Line and your pro-bowl running back? Oh...and I completely agree with whoever said it earlier, the formations are a dead giveaway of the play calls!
  3. Cotchery misses Friday Practice

    Oops...Well good news at least.
  4. Cotchery misses Friday Practice

    So are we counting on Damien being OUT for Monday? Who then? Wayne Hunter? I think this is a pretty big deal if he can't go...especially the way our O-Line played against NO
  5. Post Your Favorite Face Palms Here...

    Chubby was trying to sneak some twinkies from his jacket pocket...we're not fooled!
  6. Dolphins trade for Thigpen

    Has anyone see what the Fins gave up yet? Any rumor on the "undisclosed draft pick(s)"?

    Al Davis would never go for this...Could you imagine Louis Murphy and Darrius Heyward-Bey running their 4.4 40s down the field and Chad trying to launch a 20 yard bomb! He'd throw his shoulder out in week 1! Poor Chad...
  8. TJB's Bent On Every Gholston Play Sunday

    Great work SoFla...keep it up
  9. How is anyone upset right now?

    You think maybe his college coach said that b/c he knew they were losing a-lot on D and needed Mark to stay? I hate Pete Carroll and I don't trust the way he looks. Looks like he'd push his own grandmother out of the way to get to the front of the line.
  10. I like Nicks better than Hayward-Bey because of his hands. But he's not as fast for the "deep threat". Personally if Tyson Jackson is there at 17 I take him b/c he's a legit 3-4 DE and our current DEs are aging and aren't getting to the QB enough. Then hope for a Britt/Massaquoi/Robiske at 52. I also wouldn't mind trading down a few spots and taking Pettigrew right before the Eagles at 21 and pick up a few extra picks to fill other holes (i.e. WR/DE/OL-depth/RB-as a safety considering the TJ situation) Regardless I think the Jets have to move around the draft board to have a good day. I just hope we don't sacrafice them all to move way up.
  11. NYJ Draft: the final targets

    I like this idea. Moreno is going to be a stud. As a former ND fan, I would love to do 2nd and Jones for Brady Quinn but I don't think even Man"genious" is that stupid. Plus we still wouldn't have anyone for him to throw too.
  12. Absolutely DE. It's nice to have a great secondary, but if opposing QBs have as much time in the pocket as they had last year down the stretch I don't care if all you're defensive backs are "Prime Time" Deion Sanders they are going to get torched!
  13. Just reported on NFLN. Didn't hear the $$$
  14. Scott signs with Jets! ($8M/yr)

    Cannizzaro said Baltimore has come back and sweetened the deal to 5yr 42m...so it looks like we'll have to go up to at least 5yr 45m to get him. Let the bidding war begin! :suic3:
  15. K2 traded...Manigni is at it

    I hope they get a 7th round pick and convert it into a 3rd string DT or a Special Teams backup! Screw Mangini!