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  1. Let's Pick On The French While Commending Their Women

  2. wanna get this off my chest

    PM me your facebook page. I'll let you dominate me any day.
  3. wanna get this off my chest

    Yes, and I've never been so happy. I prefer to substitute salamis with penises though. I'm still new to this and will have to work my way up to kielbasa size. But I'll get there. Where there's a will there's a way. And I have the will.
  4. wanna get this off my chest

    I was going through a phase at the time. Now that I have come to terms with my gayness and am totally out of the closet I will behave better. All of my past aggression is gone. I will be a polite fag going forward.
  5. wanna get this off my chest

    what is a mod?
  6. Go Ravens

    rex the winner would be way better if you ask me
  7. Looks like I need a laptop.

    bob be careful with circuit city they are bankrupt id be weary about this purchase especially for warranty work
  8. Draft Kenny Britt

    kenny britt is a darn good wide reciever ive seen him play quite a few times
  9. Arctic Clipper in Vermont

    baby its cold outside but i love it the cold fresh clean crisp air is good for you
  10. Go Ravens

    the ravens are gonna win good things take time for those who wait patience will pay off and rex will be ours
  11. I am a thugturd

    nice thanks im gonna order me and my homies a few pairs
  12. Go Steelers!!!

    ravens all the way