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    -Being @ the Monday Night Miracle game vs the Fins.

    -Giving Favre & the Packers a beating on the last game of the 02' season to win the division !

    -Watching Chad & Gang Green destroy the Colts 41-0 in 2002 Playoffs

    -Getting BRET FAVRE !!!!
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    -Loosing to Denver in the AFC Championship game in 98'

    -Watching that piece of s*it Dog Brien miss 3 FG's vs Pittsburgh in the playoffs

    -Saying goodbye to Chad Pennington

    -Drafting Bryan Thomas over Ed Reed
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. I am venting, thanks lol....I'm also a Mets fan so you can imagine my frustration.
  2. Well, I've been a Jets fan all my life, 30 years. A long suffering one as well. But after witnessing my worst nightmare yet again, I find myself more bitter, more sour, and more of a sore loser THAN EVER BEFORE. Watching the Giants and Patriots last night makes me furious at the NY Jets organization at a whole. I know the previous 2 years were somewhat more enjoyable than any other Jets year, but this year the wheels fell off. Having the Giants win another super bowl in just 4-5 years is just gut wrenching to say the least. This was supposed to be our town, our city, our time with Rex at the helm. And where do we find ourselves ? At an all to familiar spot... the laughing stock of the league. This may just be more anger at the moment thn truth but I feel at this point, all hope is lost. Maybe it is time for Rex to go. He runs his mouth, encourages his team to run there mouth, and us as fans run our mouth only to realize the JETS NEVER BACK IT UP. If talking trash was his game, he should have taken Ray Lewis with him rather than that waste Bart Scott from Baltimore. When do you ever hear the Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Colts, or any of the consistently top teams run there mouth ? This Giants win should enrage Woody Johnson to clean house and bring in some CLASS. Fire Rex and that other moron Tannenbaum. What has Tannenbaum done recently ? Other than get rid of fan favorites, and key locker room vets such as Faneca, Cotchery, Edwards, Richardson, Ihedighbo, Woodhead, Weatherford, Ellis, Smith, & Jones, (am i forgetting anyone) all guys you could rely on. His drafting has been mediocre at best, they've drafted what 9 RB's in the Rex era ? And is there actually one Jets fan out there that could ever see Mark Sanchez leading us down the field the way Eli did yesterday ? Your lying to yourself if you say yes. I like Mark, I always stuck up for him, but I just dont see or feel him ever leading us to a a championship. He's to erratic at times, seems to have way to much trouble reading a defense and the turnovers are always game killers. So, once again, we're the laughing stock of the NFL, the little brother in NY yet again. Things have to change, and change fast. You look across town and the only thing i feel is jeaoulsy. You see a QB that's led his team to 2 super bowls, a pass rush that Rex wishes he had, a team that plays together, a team who's coach said it best "talk is cheap, play the game", you see WR's that we wish we're on the Jets, and you see 4 super bowls in the past 25 years. All we have to hang our hats on is a few lousy AFC Championships games where our boys laid giant eggs.This is probably more frustration at the moment, but I really can't take it anymore. I wanna watch a Jets superbowl, I want to go to a goddamn parade, I want revel in all the superbowl glare......... I could probably go on for hours more but I'll leave it at that.
  3. Wow, this is an absolutley absurd thread. One bad season and your all ready to clean house ? I'm sure you all were complaining about Rex and Tanny after year 1 when we went 9-7, won 2 road playoff games & lost in the AFC Championship. Then in year 2, going 11-5, again winning 2 road playoff games & unfortunatey losing again in the AFC Championship. Iv'e been a Jets for for almost 30 years, and let me tell you....we have been to a ton of AFC Championship games. Sarcasm if you didn't pick that up. In 2008, the NYJ had the 16th ranked defense in the NFL, not bad. When Rex took over in 09', they beacme 1st. In 2010, they had a bit of a drop, all the way to 3rd overall. And then this year they we're 5th overall. There offense had the NFL's most 3&outs last year, hanging the defense out so many games. Which is a reason for there drop in play. This guy Rex Ryan doesn't do anything right. He has to go, what a bad coach I mean 2 AFC Championships and a defense consistently in the top 5, is just so-so. The team has 1 bad year and everyone is jumping off the band wagon. And by the way, 8-8 is a far cry from those 2-14, 1-15, 6-10 seasons we had in the past. He's 28-20 in 3 season & 4-2 in the playoffs. How many Jets coaches even have a winning record ? They barely had an off-season last year, had some injuries, lost some key guys, and had a bad OC, but it's certainly no reason to have Rex fired. So what he has confidence in his team. So what he feels as if there gonna win the superbowl each year, so what he's cocky and talks alot. Would you rather have him say we're not gonna win ? Everyone complained about Mangini bc of that style. Jets fans aren't happy unless there complaining about something. This sh*t going on rite now, who cares really ? Our season is over, what is there to do ? Rex has to fix this, Tanny has to fix this, and Holmes/Sanchez need to work there sh*t out. To get rid of a guy who has made us relevant the past 3 years is crazy. With Sparano coming on now, we finally have an OC who has the same philosphy as Rex. Beef up the o-line, get another RB, a few pieces on defense and there's no reason why we can't be back in the AFC title game next year.
  4. Adam Schein reported that the market isn't great for Braylon & with his probation, off the field issues, he could possibly end up signing a 1yr deal to stay with the Jets...Then really cash in next year as the top free agent WR. Would be pretty wild, if we could retain Holmes, Edwards and replace Cro with Nnamdi. Bring Ellis back & boy would I love to see Rex go out and add S Dawan Landry to play next to Jimmy. J-E-T-S
  5. I truly hope it's Phil Taylor @ 30 for the New York football Jets ! Rex has yet to have a big body up front like this for a full season. Jenkins going down both years crushed our pass rush. A body like this up fron commanding a double team almpost every snap would open up the edges for Pace and even up the middle w/ Harris & Scott. This is a very big draft for defense and Rex can find a nice edge rusher in the 3rd round or possibly trade back into the 2nd round for a OLB, possibly Justin Houston (maybe his stock will fall since he failed a drug test) But if Taylor is there, the Jets shouldn't hesitate.
  6. Honestly if that's the case , then the Jets should do WHATEVER it takes to acquire Marc Bulger (Maybe a late round pick & then restructure his contract).....and then WHATEVER it takes to trade for either Boldin or Edwards. And BTW they should aslo draft TE Brandon Pettigrew, we could then use Keller as more of a WR and create nothing but mismatches ! Obviously in a perfect world this would be the case but with the Jets...who knows ! QB - Bulger RB - Jones, Washington WR - Boldin/Edwards , Cotchery, Stuckey, Clowney TE - Keller, Pettigrew FB - Richardson Not a bad offense.
  7. No sadly I don't literally mean two 1st round draft picks but ...... We do have the 17th pick in the draft & many people are forgetting we also have last years 1st round pick Vernon Gholston (Bust so far). If this guy does ANYTHING it'll be an added bonus to a defense that should be both impressive & very physical. Gholston was labeled as a 8-10 sack guy. Did he even have that many tackles last year ? So if, big IF , Rex Ryan can work his magic the way he did with Terrell Suggs in Baltimore, then Gang Green should be in great shape. Again if Gholston does anything at all....it's just a bonus. I mean come on we took this guy 6th overall. I just realllyyyyy hope he turns into what we all wished for !
  8. Wow, kinda shocked at all the Miles Austin negativity. With the mixture of his ht/wt (6'3 215) and speed and age(24), he's a better bet then any WR the Jets would look at in the 1st or 2nd round. He'd instantly be our #1. Michael Crabtree will be off the board and that leaves the Jets picking from a group of decent to average wideouts. I'd be more than fine surrendering a 2nd rd pick for Austin. That would give the Jets much needed HEIGHT at the wr position. Thus leaving them to go in almost any direction with the draft. Possibly move up to acquire Sanchez or even drafting Josh Freeman @ 17. Think about it, if we're lucky enough to draft Sanchez @ 17 or possibly move up to draft him then what WR do you think the Jets would be able to get @ 52 ? Come on, if Austin was in this draft he'd most likely be the 2nd wideout taken. In a perfect world we draft Sanchez in the 1st and do what it takes to get Austin out of Dallas. This would answer the Jets 2 most glaring needs. Think about the long run. The makings of a potent offense to go with our attack heavy Defense !! QB - SANCHEZ RB - JONES, WASHINGTON WR - AUSTIN, COTCHERY, CLOWNEY, STUCKEY, SMITH TE - KELLER
  9. Maurice Covington Virginia WR 6'4 , 230 lbs Best vertical @ the combine (40 inches) Never put up monster numbers at Virginia but he's starting to turn heads & scouts say his best days are ahead of him and he has big playmaker capability. Would love to see him on the Jets radar, let's get some real mis-matches on offense.
  10. LOL well I did get you to waste your time and read it though didn't I ??????? Mission accomplished
  11. Without a doubt I'd give up a 1st for him. With a few more signings by Tanny....could you imagine what Cutler could do for this franchise? I'm not calling him a savior or even saying he's one of the best. Although he is one of the best young QB's out there. He'd be the final piece to the puzzle and the Jets would instantly be a contender like last year was supposed to be with Favre.
  12. Ok so the Broncos we're willing to trade Cutler & it fell through. Now they say he's not available any longer. Rumor has it Cutler is unhappy with management now and maybe he wants out. I'm sure for the right price the Broncos will atleast entertain some trade talks. Maybe start with the 17th pick and go from there. Cutler would answer alot of problems for the Jets and he would give us a true QB of the future with a big arm. Sadly I'm not sold on Clemens & I'm certainly not sold on Ratliff. Although I'd be thrilled if they both proove me wrong. Either way w/ Jay Cutler available I think the Jets have to atleast see what the situation is in Denver and make an attempt. Whats there to lose ? Hell who thought Brett Favre would be a Jet last year ?
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