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  1. Could really use a touchdown out of this drive, please!
  2. I'm happy he had the sack, and it counts, it's just sad for a guy that is paid to have a lot more and be more of a factor that this is first or one of his first sacks of the year in game 8. but yay! sack.
  3. I hope someone on the pass rush can get off their blocks
  4. I have been watching all the games in a bar in Northern Virginia and unfortunately, we don't get any sound and we always seem to receive to start the game, are we choosing to or are we just unlucky on the coin toss?
  5. It is nice having grownups in charge. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  6. Yeah, I lived there, parcells saved that franchise ( and gets crap for it), I remember talk of moving the Patriots to St Louis, Arizona and Hartford. I watched more jets games growing up in Springfield MA, in the 80's thanks to all the blackouts. You can tell me how good a fan base you are when you stick around though a bad era. Judging on how your fans bailed on the Celtics after the Larry Bird era I'm not optimistic for the species ( I have no horse in the basketball race as I don't care for the sport, his can you like a sport that makes goaltending a crime?) The term bandwagon comes to mind. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  7. No on the division (i'd be wrong happily) Wild card with reduced turnovers, and if Bowles can make a quick and successful transition to head coach. He is the last twig off of the Parcels tree which gives me hope, he was 2-1 with the Dolphins as an interim coach, I believe, but its not a big enough sample size. with the entire division getting better with the exception of the patriots (I don't know who they are going to rely on to play corner) they don't get out of the division easily, they don't get homefield and maybe not a first round bye.
  8. I take issue with the "HC was forced on him," as I understood it, it was job condition up front and he accepted the job as is, and he needed to conduct himself accordingly. It can be viewed that some of his decisions were made giving the appearance of "doing something" to improve the team, (signing Decker, Johnson, for those who believe Vick is a good QB), at the same time as hamstringing the coach (the one that was clear to him was in place when he accepted and not forced to take the job) with decisions like low balling one Cromartie while letting the other go. Not to mention we had twelve picks last year, and we have 3 or 4 on the team, Amaro, Pryor, and IK? none of the receivers he drafted (well one is on IR). We needed receivers we passed on Cooks for Pryor, and waited till the fourth round, picking McDougle (CB) in the 3rd, you mean we couldn't have waited a couple rounds on a guy who missed most of his senior year to injury and picked a receiver instead? Count me with the people that believed that picking up Patterson, and handing the job to a 2nd year guy, and a 3rd rounder (who probably would have been there at 5) was just window dressing given all the names he passed on (Revis, Vernor, Cromartie, Cromartie,). Someone else also made the point that Idzik may prevent us from getting a good coach, I remember Rich Gannon talking on NFL network (I was driving so no link, ) saying that his former coach wouldn't take the job with idzk there. I don't really think that Gruden is coming back to coaching but after idzks performance i can't believe that he would be the only quality coach to think that way. So I'm for a total house cleaning.
  9. Google's OS

    IBM is doing just fine, they doing very well in the services market, and I don't think they regret not being a desktop player right now. I see them everywhere from Arrays (storage), Web Applications, Backup, Systems Management, Integration services. Don't weep for IBM. They can make bad aquisitions (ISS) and still be fine.
  10. Windows 7 Release Date Announced

    I have run Vista on 3 machines all pretty successfully, only one crash, and I can safely say that it was self inflicted ( I work for a software company and I installed an alpha product on a Vista pre-sp1, alpha software removed Vista ran fine), My wife (not tech savy) runs Vista all day long. I have taken one of my Vista machines and I'm running Windows 7 Build 7100, and it is a pleasure to run, I love the new bar and windows resizing features (yes I like new features in a windows release,) I am far from a windows biggot, however I have a netbook in wich I run Ubuntu, for web and travel, as far as my phone goes I use the palm pre, linux and java script based, it muti-tasks, it doesn't have a lot of apps but it has more than I use, (but the iphone didn't have any when it was released either, and palm hasn't charged for it's apps yet, they will come when money is made, besides how many fart apps do yo really need?) In my work I am exposed to all types of OS's Windows, OSX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, there is nothing i need from a MAC they is worth paying for. I have nothing technically against Apple, BSD Kernel is great, its been around since the 70's and is very stable, and Apple slapps a pretty nice GUI on it, and lets face it that is really Apples forte take an existing technolgy and slap a nice GUI on it and maket the hell out of it. I will give them the iphone however that was enough of a leap to be called truly innovative. Outside of the price issue the other reason I will probably never buy an apple anything is, I just dont' want to be associated with the Apple mentatlity, 80% of the people I have run into (industry, and personal) are pompus, arrogant, and generally snobby, and I would just prefer to keep that company. If you were offended by that then you probably fall into that 80%, if not congradulations you are in the 20% who were able buy Apple and resist the urge to be a snob about it.
  11. Apprehensivly Optomistic? I'm in a place in my jet fandom that says the power of the Jets to dissapoint is greater then anyone coach's ability to turn it around, but when I set that aside He has a better chance than most to turn things around, So fingers crossed and let the offseason optomism build.