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  1. Well deserved. He was eating up yardage against Buffalo like Snacks eats snacks. Some of those throws were beautiful especially the one to Decker that got called back. And he was doing it against a blitz and was always being hit. Go Fitz baby.
  2. If the Jets ever have to forfeit a draft pick, I hope it's a #2. We waste that one anyway.
  3. I still have no idea how Brandon did not get a severe knee injury. If my knee was in the angle his was, I would not be able to walk for months much less continue to play in the same game.
  4. Lachie is only a rookie. He gets his punts off quickly and his hang time is a thing of beauty. He was a hell of a 7th round draft pick.
  5. What was bizarre to me was that they said they cut Hackett to make cap space available when Fitz was re-signed. Cap space? How much could an UDFA punter be making? Anyway, it would be nice to have a punter with enough hang time to allow the coverage unit get down field.
  6. The best thing about Maynard was the Giants cut him and the Titans (Jets) picked him up as a free agent So, instead of Tittle to Maynard it was Namath to Maynard.
  7. Since I was there for all of these coaches, I agree with the last four coaches on the list. In fact, what the article does not say is that Lou Holtz quit before the season ended. Charley Winner was Weeb's son-in-law and the team went from contenders to pretenders on his watch. However, IMOP, hands down Kotite was THE worst of all time. For 5th worst, I would say it was BB who was the coach for one day and took a $million from Leon Hess so he would stay on after Parcells and then left for NE.
  8. Petty reportedly had a very bad camp. And Geno's cap hit is not really that much this year.
  9. Happy Birthday, Joe. And thanks for more than SB III. Rock on, Dude!!
  10. I think all this says is why they used a seventh round pick on Lachlan Edwards. I think the pre-season games will determine the winner of this competition. Let the best Aussie win!
  11. All good players but I cannot get over Todd throwing all the interceptions in the Mud Bowl. My top five are: 5. Winston Hill 4. John Elliot 3. Jerry Philbin 2. Don Maynard 1. John Riggins (my all time favorite Jet after Joe).
  12. I will be totally shocked if he is even given a slap on the wrist.
  13. Millner will get hurt in camp, as usual, and be put on the IR, as usual,
  14. Looks like he might be a good edge rusher due to nice closing speed and a really nice special teams player.
  15. Ivory will probably sign elsewhere so my pick would be Zeke.
  16. Rex comes from the Buddy Ryan School of Football which teaches offense as a second language. Todd Bowles comes from the Bill Parcell's, Bruce Arians' school which teaches all phases of the game are equally important. Gailey would NEVER have worked for Rex as an OC, IMHO.
  17. I hope he is like Santonio Holmes was in the season ending game a few years ago.
  18. O'Malley was not the villain in the Dodgers move to L.A. Robert Moses was.
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